Ten of the Most Bizarrely Awesome TV Action Figures

walking dead2

When I was younger, I spent all my allowance collecting action figures by the hundreds. Back then, I was mostly focused on comic book superheroes and probably had about eight figures of Batman alone. But nowadays, you can find action figures of just about anything, particularly from a wide variety of TV shows. I hunted through a bunch of current shows to find action figures both licensed and custom made. Generally, the more official they are, the better they look, and if they’re home made jobs, you can end up with some pretty bizarre results. Below you’ll find a mix of both:

Tobias Bluth (Arrested Development) 

arrested development

Oh god why. The prospect of a Tobias action figure is somewhat scary as is, but this version? I think they were going for body hair but it looks like he just has feces smeared all over him.

Lana and Sterling (Archer)


I applaud the effort here, and there are a lot of good pieces here, but in the end, there’s just something a bit…off about these Archer figures. I know Lana has man hands, but that chin, yikes.

Daryl (The Walking Dead)

walking dead

Alrihgt, now we’re moving into badass territory. Daryl may look about 10 years older and hungover, but I liked it. As you can see from Michonne at the top of this post, there are a bunch of badass Walking Dead figures.

Bill, Sookie and Eric (True Blood)

true blood

Alright, so these aren’t technically action figures, they’re more like busts. But they’re not actually busts because I’ve never known busts to include crotches before. At that point you might as well just got all the way and add the other three quarters of their legs. Also, that figure is actually MORE handsome than real life Bill

Joan, Roger, Don and Betty (Mad Men)

mad men

This is a legit Matell Barbie-ish doll line of the Mad Men cast. Obviously they’re stylized, but you can see what they’re going for. I think the girls turned out way better the guys, but Joan needs a bit more curves to her.

Unknown, Ned, Khal Drogo (Game of Thrones)

game of thrones

I have to imagine these are custom, and I hope we get real Game of Thrones figures someday. I have no idea who that is on the left, but Ed and Drogo look pretty alright.

The Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who)

doctor who

Yes, I know we’ve moved on to a new Doctor, and he has tons of action figures to his name, but I love my tenth Doctor and I thought this was a great representation of him. Except he is sort of dressed like Beetlejuice.

Dexter Morgan (Dexter)


Alright, that smile is going to haunt my dreams.

Heisenberg and Jesse (Breaking Bad)

breaking bad

That is one badass looking Heisenberg figure, though Jesse looks a little stretched. Is the right half of his face significantly larger than the left or am I hallucinating?

Green Arrow (Arrow)


Again, probably cheating as this is a “figurine” but that’s the most badass thing to come out the CW in a while. A good model for cosplaying too.

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