10 Things You Didn’t Know about Talia Ryder

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Talia Ryder

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Talia Ryder

It’s a little difficult to talk about people that haven’t done a whole lot with their career as of yet but there’s no denying that said people do tend to show a lot of promise while they’re on their way up at times. Talia Ryder is among those of the next generation that are currently being looked at as  the most promising of the bunch when it comes to propelling the entertainment industry into the next few decades and obviously her talent has been enough to sway some folks into thinking that she’s definitely worth another look. While some might want to question the idea that anyone coming up through the ranks today could possibly have the kind of talent that’s worth watching it’s important to note that everyone we care about in the industry at this time was at one point right where Talia and many other young stars are, finding the need to prove themselves and push forward when someone has faith in them. As of now Talia has impressed more than enough people to be given that chance, so it’s worth taking a look at who she is to find out who she could possibly be in the years to come.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Talia.

10. She was cast to appear in Steven Spielberg’s on screen version of West Side Story.

The way things feel at this time is that it might be best to leave this time-honored story alone and let it just rest as a classic, but anyone that knows even a small bit about how Hollywood works knows that this isn’t bound to happen. Plus, with Spielberg at the helm there’s a good chance that the production could be something very worthwhile.

9. Her acting debut came at the age of 12 as part of the cast of Matilda.

On Broadway this project was enough to impress a lot of people, which is impressive since a lot of folks happen to have loved the movie and might have raised a stink about anyone taking the idea and trying to recreate it. Thankfully the show went on and it was widely appreciated.

8. She’s appeared on Sesame Street in the past.

This was actually where she had her first experience on camera and it appears that things went well enough that she was not only hooked, but people were willing to bet on her even further as she kept on with her career and has continued to make something of it.

7. Talia has produced and starred in her own short film.

This feels like a natural progression of many actors that step into the spotlight and find that they want to push their boundaries a little further. Some even go so far as directing and others take other turns as well within their careers.

6. She’s still fairly new to show business.

Talia hasn’t done a whole lot in her career when stacking up what she’s accomplished with others but it doesn’t sound like she’s stopping anytime soon either, at least she won’t be when the coronavirus is all said and done with, so it would pay to keep an eye on her career as she continues to move forward.

5. Her net worth is around $1.2 million at this time.

In just a few short years building up a net worth like this does sound kind of impressive since it means that she’s been pushing ahead and impressing the right people so as to make certain that she gets the attention she wants and builds a reputation for being someone that’s worth a little more in the industry.

4. There isn’t a lot of information about her as of now.

When looking at her bio there’s a bare minimum of information on her as a person even though there are a few stats to look at, but this could be due to her being so new or not finding any time to really flesh out the bio to allow people to step into her private world. All in all it’s not a bad practice since getting to know her professionally should be the first goal, while letting people in any further is up to her.

3. In terms of size she is kind of a diminutive individual.

Standing at 5’3″ and weighing only a little over one hundred pounds, Talia isn’t what you would call a big person, but some might call that average. Somehow the national average tends to swing pretty wide sometimes.

2. Talia is currently entering her 20s.

She’s still fairly young so it’s easy to think that she has a lot left to offer when it comes to her career, which could be why she’s trending at this time and why people are expecting to see more from her in the years to come.

1. Her on screen debut came in 2016.

Being relatively new to the business isn’t a bad thing, but it is enough to make people wonder if she’s going to pan out, and a lot of people appear to be hoping she’ll continue to surprise them. Even the greats had to start somewhere, and Talia is definitely doing what she can to walk that line.

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