Sylvester Stallone Says Demolition Man 2 Is Looking “Fantastic”

Sylvester Stallone Says Demolition Man 2 Is Looking “Fantastic”

Sylvester Stallone Says Demolition Man 2 Is Looking “Fantastic”

Apparently a Demolition Man 2 is coming along just fine as Sylvester Stallone has stated, as the sequel is apparently in the works, meaning it might have a script, at this point. But the question is, why in the world would we need another Demolition Man? The first movie was pretty cut and dried and on top of that, the main villain was frozen, beheaded, and his head was shattered into a million pieces since it had been cryogenically frozen in record time. So where to go from there? A lot of us are always up for a good story, but this one really feels as though it’s going to take the supposed paradise of San Angeles and turn it back into the world we recognize now since Edgar Friendly and his band of ruffians were finally able to make their way up from the sewers while John Spartan and Lenina Huxley were apparently ready to get down and forget about the sex helmet near the end of the movie. Jon Fuge from MovieWeb and several others are excited for a chance to see a sequel come out, but why in the world would this be necessary? As campy as the original was, and it was, don’t kid yourself, it was still great for its time since it relayed a future that we didn’t ever think would happen, and it still hasn’t in a large part since despite the issues going on in California there is no false utopia named San Angeles just yet, and despite the social distancing we’ve been experiencing people still do have sex the old-fashioned way since like it or not, virtual play can’t really simulate that joy of life just yet, at least not in a way that makes that much sense.

In fact that’s likely one of the only real reasons that Demolition Man has gotten so much attention as of late, well, that and the whole toilet paper issue. What a lot of people should know by now is that if a sequel does come out then the whole three seashell thing is going to have to be explained finally since after reading so many articles it should be easy to guess that this was an idea that was thought up on the fly and didn’t require an explanation at the time. Padraig Cotter of Screenrant has an explanation you might want to read. I’m not even going to attempt to go into it right now since the science of it sounds absolutely disgusting and a little too personal. But there are definite issues that come up when thinking about this sequel, and one of them is the main villain. Simon Phoenix was perfect for the first movie since he went into the deep freeze having framed Spartan for the murders that he committed, earning his “40-year smile” as he put it. But he was a little too perfect too since he was an evil individual when he went in, but he was an evil, psychotic, and devastatingly powerful maniac when he came out thanks to the special conditioning that Dr. Cocteau, his benefactor and the archetypal madman of the movie, programmed him with. In fact if not for the fact that Spartan was already a tough and experienced fighter before going in he might not have stood a chance against Phoenix. But since the bar has been raised so high already, the sequel would need to have a villain that’s just as tough if not tougher, or someone that’s a brilliant mastermind, has a serious beef with Spartan, and has enough skilled muscle around them to be a serious problem.

A cop like Spartan would have had a great number of enemies, and it’s evidenced by the fact that Simon does reference that he and his fellow cons were being given the chance to get back at the man that put most of them away, meaning Spartan. So how many others did Spartan bust, and how many were left in the deep freeze by Phoenix? He made it clear that he didn’t want any competition and had hand-selected the list of convicts he wanted released, so maybe, just maybe the cryo facility didn’t lose all of its convicts, maybe the fact that a lot of them were still encased in a block of ice saved them from being immolated and therefore set up a possibility of a sequel. But again, since Phoenix set that bar so incredibly high, it would take a seriously demented villain this time around to make the movie worth it. After all, the original movie ended on a pretty positive note, and it’s been a while as well, so there’s going to be a serious time jump between the movies. Sarah Grace Hart of Nerdist has her own opinion on the matter. And that’s a lot of explaining to get into for a sequel, and then there’s the idea of how many of the original actors will actually want to return.

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