Superman and Batwoman ArrowVerse Crossover Will Happen on The CW in 2021

Batwoman Ruby Rose

Despite the current situation with the coronavirus and the fact that it’s shut down production Batwoman, which somehow was renewed for a second season, and Superman will be meeting up in 2021 for another CW crossover, but as Ryan Scott of TVWeb has already stated the event will be much smaller than the Crisis story line. For one it does appear as though Superman, played by Tyler Hoechlin, and Batwoman, played by Ruby Rose, will be the main characters and that anyone else might be considered guest stars that won’t be taking up a lot of screen time. What isn’t certain however is just how the story is going to go since it hasn’t been established yet as to whether Batwoman and Superman will be at odds as it happened in Dawn of Justice, or if they’ll be working together to take down a common enemy. In any case it does feel as though we’re going to be seeing a lot more of Batwoman’s superior attitude since that appears to be one thing that Rose has excelled at when it comes to the character. It’s unfortunate however that this same attitude has thrown a lot of people off since otherwise it could play itself up as a great addition to the CW lineup since Batwoman is a bit different than Batman in how far she’ll take things and what kind of weaponry she’ll use.

Despite playing one of the most popular characters in the DC universe, Tyler has been more of a guest star throughout his time but will finally be getting his own show alongside Elizabeth Tulloch eventually and will be a full part of the CW finally. Some might say that he already has been a full part but this will help to cement that fact. Moving forward it does sound as though Tyler will be the man for a while and as a result he should be getting some great adventures to come, hopefully. The CW has been tearing it up with the DC shows throughout the year and have come up with quite a few impressive tales that people will be able to get into. When they’ll get to them though is still in question since so long as the shutdown lasts it’s going to be hard to do anything but plan and look over scripts in an attempt to discover an error here or there and possibly fix what needs it before production can start. Hero shows can’t really be filmed online since obviously but a lot of folks are still hoping that we’re getting somewhat close to the end of the shutdown, though there’s still going to be the desire for caution even when it does happen.

It’s going to be interesting to see what happens with the DC universe now that Arrow, the one driving force that made everything happen for so long, and come together no less, is well and gone. The strength of the other shows does appear enough to keep them intact, and obvious enough people were turned on by Batwoman and like the idea of Hoechlin being Superman to bring him back. But without Arrow there are going to be differences since let’s be real about this, he was about as integrated into the CW as anyone could. Where Batman used to be THE vigilante that was into everyone’s business, Green Arrow kind of took that spot on TV. And for the most part that worked for a while since people embraced Arrow in a big way and he became the go-to hero for the CW and even boosted DC’s fortunes on TV since this is where they’ve excelled now for years while the the MCU has had the big screen. It’s true that Justice League did in fact count as a financial success, but when compared to the MCU it’s still been severely lacking. TV though is where DC has dominated since Marvel has had a few shows on Netflix that people have liked, but for one reason or another they’ve pulled all of them and are now showing reruns without any new material. Also, Batwoman isn’t exactly a new character but she is someone that hasn’t had a lot of on screen appearances over the years and this is a way for people to get used to another character that they happen to like from the comics and could learn to like on TV. Jason Lynch from AdWeek had more to say on this matter.

Superman is hard to dislike unless the actor playing him really isn’t up to speed on who and what the man of steel is all about. Thankfully no one’s been quite that bad over the years, and Tyler Hoechlin is another person that’s brought another look at the man of steel that people have come to enjoy. 2021 could be an interesting year for the CW, assuming production will get to start up soon.

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