Stephen Colbert Talks about an Important Issue: The Bacon Shortage

Stephen Colbert Talks about an Important Issue: The Bacon Shortage

There were a lot of laughs on The Late Show last night.  Stephen Colbert was definitely in the zone.  Here are some highlights in case you missed it.  His main guests were Priyanka Chopra and Thomas Sadowski.  Chopra revealed that she is living in America on a Visa obviously pointing the Trump’s immigration ban.  Sadowski talked about his expecting a child and that he’s “ready to be overwhelmed.”  Comedian Pat Brown remarked about how the Obamas more than likely “still do it.”

But I have to say my personal favorites were the monologue in which Colbert went right after Sean Spicer taking “pre-approved” questions, John Malkovich doing a skit on being hired for your next birthday party, and of course the bacon shortage in America.

One of the biggest issues going around the internet this week is how the bacon supply in the United States is at a 60 year low.  This prompted the internet to go up in a collective flame.  Little did most people know that this nation actually has something called “bacon reserves.”  While we can have some relief that we won’t be running out of bacon in the next couple of years, there is still concern out there.  But of course Colbert was there to reel everyone in and get a laugh out of it.

Here’s the bacon bit

And here’s the ever so strange John Malkovich and his ad for you to hire him at your child’s next birthday party.

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