Stephen Colbert is Putting Donald Trump on Notice

Stephen Colbert is Putting Donald Trump on Notice

It didn’t take very long for The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to get into full Donald Trump bashing mode last night.  And why not?  There’s plenty more on the table to discuss.  The two main issues that occurred this week are the National Prayer Breakfast and putting Iran on notice.  Earlier in the week Trump’s administration put out a piece of fake news saying that Iran had attacked a U.S. ship with one of its missiles.  Granted that’s the simple version, but even the Pentagon revealed that these reports were false.  I don’t even have to get into how bad this is but essentially Trump was saying Iran committed an act of war.

This prompted Trump and its administration to put out a series of messages.  One message was of course a tweet by Trump himself saying that he is putting Iran on notice.  What this means is entirely unknown.  That’s literally all he said.  Colbert too, was a little miffed.   So instead of trying to analyze Trump’s tweet, Stephen Colbert has reacted by officially putting Donald Trump on notice.  You know who else put Trump on notice?  Arnold Schwarzenegger.

After Trump used a National Prayer Breakfast to dig at the ratings of The New Apprentice, Arnold responded in a tweet of his own by suggesting that he and the President switch jobs.  You know, since Trump is such an expert on ratings.    Needless to say it’s been an interesting week.

Check out Colbert putting Trump on notice below


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