Stephen Colbert Learns That Lizzy Caplan Named Her Cat After Him on The Late Show

Stephen Colbert Learns That Lizzy Caplan Named Her Cat After Him on The Late Show

Stephen Colbert

Throughout Stephen Colbert’s short tenure as host of The Late Show, he’s seen a lot of guests come in and express their love for him, telling him that they’re as big of fans of his work as he is of theirs. From Helen Mirren and Sally Field kissing Colbert to Ryan Gosling informing him of how much his mom respects his Lord of the Rings knowledge, there have been a lot of fun encounters between the Late Show host and his guests, and now we can add another entertaining one to the list with Lizzy Caplan’s appearance last night.

Caplan was on The Late Show to promote her upcoming film, Now You See Me 2, which hits theaters in two weeks on Friday, June 10. However, before she and Colbert got to talking about the movie, she first had to tell him how much she’s enjoyed his work over the years, going as far back as to when he used to be a correspondent on The Daily Show; in fact, Caplan even named her cat after Stephen Colbert 13 years ago, simply calling him “Colbert.” But she also admitted that having her cat named after the guy who hosts The Late Show isn’t as cool as when her cat was named after the lesser-known Daily Show correspondent.

“It’s mainstream now, you host The Late Show,” Caplan told Colbert. “I may as well have named the cat ‘Coldplay’ at this point.”

“Would you name your cat ‘Radiohead’?” Colbert asked, smirking.

“Yeah, maybe I would name my cat ‘Radiohead,'” she said, laughing.

Watch Lizzy Caplan and Stephen Colbert talk more about her cat, Colbert, in the video below:

[Photo via YouTube]

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