10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sophie Michelle

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sophie Michelle

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sophie Michelle

If you are not a fan of social media, you probably don’t know who Sophie Michelle is. She’s a young teen girl who loves to sing, create content for her fans, and share it on the internet. She’s a YouTube and social media sensation with an impressive fanbase and a lot of talent. However, she’s not nearly as well-known around the world as many. She can find her fame growing as much as she can make it grow with every post, but it’s up to us to get to know her better ourselves. We’ve done some digging, and we are sure that we now know more about her than you did before.

1. Her Age

It’s hard to believe she is so young, but she is. She is still a child, but she works hard enough to make you wonder if she’s a bit older. Her date of birth is August 16, 2005. She’s going to turn 15 this summer. Hopefully, the world will be well on its way back to normal this year when her birthday rolls around.

2. She’s Looking to Become Really Famous

Not only does she love what she’s doing right now, she’s looking to do more. She’s got it in her mind to become a very famous star, and we cannot wait to see that happen. She’s got a lot going for her, and she wants to become an actress. She is using her social media platforms right now to ensure that things like this happen, and she’s doing a good job of it. She’s putting herself out there, and she’s doing it with ease.

3. She’s Famous Because of Her Mother

Her mother decided when she was 12 that she would allow her daughter to have some social media channels. She allowed her to have them under one condition — that she, herself, manage them for her daughter. She was not permitted to us them on her own, to keep them private, or to keep her mother off of them. She manages her social media, and all things need to go through mom first. It’s thanks to her that her daughter is famous now.

4. She’s Got A Bright Personality

One of the reasons she’s so famous at such a young age is that she’s sweet to her fans. You might assume she’s got an attitude or that she is entitled in some capacity, but this is simply not the case. She’s got a lot going for her, including the fact that she is so sweet. She has a great personality in her videos, but it’s the moments in which she goes to her social media pages and lets her fans know that she is so sorry when there is not a new video to look for on a given day or when she tells them that she’s working on something fun. She is always putting her fans first, and that’s sweet.

5. She’s Been Wanting to Be On YouTube for a While

She was only 7 when she discovered YouTube. She says she would come home from school and she would use that to entertain herself by watching videos and doing things in her life. She loved it, and she wanted to create her own series for a long time. She probably did what most kids do, and she probably begged her parents to let her create her own channel for a long time, though it did take her a while to convince her mother to let her do it.

6. She Learns from Her Past

She may only be two years into this, but she’s got her own ideas and her own lessons to learn. She’s already learned from her past mistakes and tries. She’s decided that her best bet is to sit back and to learn from the things she did in her earlier days. She’s got a lot to learn, and she does. We love that even at her age, she’s already learning from things she’s done in the past. What a great lesson.

7. Her Family Supports Her

The family dynamic here is sweet. They all support her, they help her, and they teach her. There was a time when her mom did all of her editing and her work, but now she’s learning to do this on her own and to make things work in her favor. She is learning how to handle her own business online and in real life. Though her family still monitors her accounts and works with her, she is taking over more and more of her own responsibility since this will one day be her own business.

8. She’s No Longer in Public School

She was just a regular kid attending a regular public school when she began her career online, but that’s changed. We don’t know if it was the fame or the time it took to both work and to go to school, but her parents have taken her out of public school. However, we don’t know if she’s in private or if she’s homeschooled at this point.

9. She’s Genuine

One thing she has learned at a young age is that she has to be herself online. People can see through you when you are being anything other than your true and authentic self, and that is all there is to it. She’s someone who has to figure things out for herself, but this is something she figured out early. She knows that she’s got a lot to work on, but she’s always herself and her fans love that.

10. She’s Quirky

We believe it at her age. She’s silly and funny and she’s a child and she’s having a good time in her life, and there is nothing wrong with that. She likes to do things her own way, and she likes to share her everyday life with her fans and her audience, and that’s where she is in life. She’s got a lot going for her, and she’s going to use her silly personality to keep it coming.

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