So There’s Going To be a Tiger Woods Miniseries Coming to TV

So There’s Going To be a Tiger Woods Miniseries Coming to TV

You simply have to know that there are people out there rolling their eyes upon finding out that Tiger Woods has am miniseries about his life coming out. Heck, you might even be one of them. I’ll admit to my own eyes rolling if only because it would seem that while Tiger has gotten himself into some very serious trouble in the past it also seems likely that it’s time to just leave the guy alone. He’s had his issues, that’s true, but one has to ask if it’s really worth it to keep hammering away on a subject that a lot of people have already grown tired of. In that regard the miniseries might be avoided by a lot of people but it could be embraced by others simply because it will likely tell a slightly different story than we’ve become used to in the tabloids and newscasts. Vlada Gelman of TV Line has made it known that the miniseries will be following Woods’ life from 2009 according to a biography that was written detailing how things started to spiral out of control for the pro golfer. Whether everything is going to be kept on the straight and narrow or given a bit of a spin and an interesting twist for drama’s sake is hard to tell at this moment, but it seems likely.

Charlotte Carol of Sports Illustrated and many others would call his life as of now one of the greatest comebacks that’s ever been witnessed in sports since at one point and time it seemed as though Woods wouldn’t be able to withstand the press of the media and the overwhelming negativity of the fans that kept hounding him everywhere he went. Somehow he managed to correct his course since recently he won his fifth Master’s tournament. Just let that sink in, his FIFTH. He’s one away from tying the record, and if he has designs on keeping his career and moving forward he likely has a good chance of taking that record before he decides to retire. That seems worthy of a biopic or a miniseries, but we know which one has been optioned at this point.

Pat Ralph from Golf has chimed in with a lot of others and announced that Wheelhouse Entertainment has picked up the miniseries. So far there’s not a lot of info on when it will be released but since the book came out in 2018 it seems likely that the earliest we’ll be seeing it would be later this year, which some might hope for, or sometime in 2020. It all depends on what the goal is with this miniseries and who’s going to be cast in it along with many other variables that could cause it to sink or swim. Like Tiger’s career this miniseries is going to be heavily dependent on what people think to be honest since over the course of his golfing career you could say that he’s been embraced, vilified, then embraced again, and then held at a distance by those that had so much faith in him to begin with. It’s a bit difficult to have that kind of belief in someone only to see that they’re human and are just as flawed as anyone else, and are in some ways even more flawed than others.

Some folks might not even watch it either because they’re not fans of golf, Tiger, or just don’t care. Others might want to see what it’s like for as long as it takes to decide if it’s worth their time or not, and others might embrace it just as readily as they did the man a long time back. In truth the miniseries is likely going to be reviewed and panned by some and called a triumph by others, but that seems kind of optimistic considering that a miniseries, even one based on a biography, tends to get a few things wrong here and there since it’s all a matter of perception and how it meets up with the director’s vision of how things should go. People should know this by now, it doesn’t always matter just how they think things should go, they’re going to go the way the director and the producer want them to since that’s the nature of the business. It’s almost guaranteed though that by the time the first part of the miniseries has aired that some folks are going to be claiming that it’s accurate and others are going to be complaining about something that wasn’t as honest as it could have been.

This is where a heartfelt sigh comes in since quite honestly if you let this kind of thing rule your day it means you don’t have much of a life. The Tiger Woods miniseries is likely going to be interesting enough to take a look, but unless you’re a fan it might not be what we’re expecting.

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