Snoop Dogg Says He’s the Sexiest Man Alive

One of the greatest things about Snoop Dogg, real name Calvin Broadus, is that he has a great sense of humor. Sure he’d likely be a better choice than John Legend according to Mike Jones of ScreenRant, but the idea that he made People cover with him as the sexiest man alive is pretty amusing. Throughout the length of his career Snoop Dogg has undergone a lot of changes to his person and his career that have seen him go from hardcore gang member to someone that’s come to understand just how his music has affected so many people and the positive messages he can spread throughout his community and other areas. For a good long while a lot of parents didn’t want their kids listening to Snoop Dogg since if you’ve ever listened to the album Doggystyle from end to end you’d know that it’s not exactly a family-friendly disc and can get a bit raunchy and aggressive throughout. But a lot of us probably listened to it anyway since Snoop managed to lay it down in a way that we wanted to hear and has been keeping things real ever since.

Throughout his career he’s been one of the people that folks like to listen to no matter what he might say or what opinion he throws around since he’s been such a chill figure a lot of the time that it doesn’t seem to matter if people agree with him or not. One great example is the fact that he’s not a Trump supporter and has made it widely known along with many other top celebrities, but people still tend to like him. Peter Wade of Rolling Stone has more to say on this subject. That might say more about the maturity level of his followers than anything however since it’s been seen that people can disagree about politics and still remain friendly with others. But no matter what Snoop has said or done his fan base and his detractors seem to remain the same in number, which could mean that he’s popular enough that it’s next to impossible to really take him down a notch or two. He’s been seen and heard in so many different ways at this point that he’s become something of a cultural icon and as such he’s made himself into a legend that’s been building for years now without any indication that he’s going to slow down, other than his less than successful foray into Reggae. Let’s be honest, he’s done a lot, but he’s not going to be able to do absolutely everything and be just as accepted.

Anyone who’s been following Snoop throughout his career though is sure to have noticed how much he’s changed, since back in the day when he was still on The Chronic album with Dr. Dre, there was no way that anyone could possibly predict that he’d be hanging with Martha Stewart or other actors that he’s been seen with throughout the years. It was also hard to see him starring in any movie at that time since he still had a very raw edge to him that didn’t seem capable of being whittled down for a while to come. Once he continued to grow up, mature, and continue to evolve from being the hard-nosed rapper into someone that was a little easier for everyone to enjoy however he really started to open up and became a very multi-talented individual. He’s been in several movies at this point ranging from horror and drama to comedy and he’s been pretty entertaining in all of them even if they weren’t that great. He’s gone on TV, he’s performed in live events, and he’s been a big voice on social media throughout the last many years as he’s gone on to give his opinion of a great many things. In short Snoop has done a lot more than a lot of other stars and been integrated into pop culture a great deal more than John Legend, who is still a surprise winner of the Sexiest Man of the Year designation.

While he started out being kind of rough and wasn’t the favorite of a lot of parents when it came to his music, Snoop Dogg has certainly shown a lot of people that despite how he came off in the beginning he’s a rather amusing and down to earth individual that has come a long way since his younger years and more fun-loving than some give him credit for. He continues to entertain people and is almost always trying to find new ways to do this, though not all of them have been seen as quite that acceptable since he’s been seen to get in a bit of trouble for the racier performances he’s put on. Kyle Boone of CBS Sports has more on this matter. But all in all Snoop Dogg would still be a much better choice than John Legend.

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