Six ‘X-Men’ Films Are Planned for 2019-2020

Six ‘X-Men’ Films Are Planned for 2019-2020

There are reportedly six X-Men films that are being planned for release between 2019 and 2020. Some might call that a bit of overkill but some fans are actually drooling at the prospect. Whether the Fox/Disney merger will be done yet isn’t known but that still won’t slow down the films that are already slated to come out eventually. At this point we already known that Deadpool 2 is coming, and X-Men: Dark Phoenix is on the way as well. The New Mutants were supposed to be coming out in April but they’ve been pushed all the way back to next February. Aside from those are the still-awaited Gambit movie, which has lost its THIRD director now, an X-Force movie that would be a Deadpool spinoff, and a Kitty Pryde movie. While she was a cool character from the comics and got a lot more play she hasn’t been so developed in the movies yet that it would seem that she could do a film all on her own. Plus, there’s no telling if Ellen Paige, the one woman that’s done the character justice, would even come back.

At this point though the X-Men franchise and all those movies that have something to do with it are starting to lose their luster it would seem. The hype for X-Men: Apocalypse was kind of dimmed when the main bad guy showed up and looked almost nothing like the character from the comics. It’s understandable that not everything from the comic books can make the transition onto the big screen, and that some things really shouldn’t, but the manner in which some of the characters have been treated has been rubbing fans the wrong way for a while now. The Dark Phoenix saga might be worth watching if it’s been given the proper attention, but there’s nothing to say that the director and producers won’t try to turn it into their own vision versus what fans are expecting.

Coming from an older comic buff, some of the movies that have come out concerning the comics have been confusing and a little disappointing at times. Can anyone name the original X-Men anymore? You know, Cyclops, Ice Man, Angel, Marvel Girl, and Beast? The others like Wolverine, Colossus, Banshee, Warpath, Nightcrawler, and Storm came along later, and Professor X has always been there for the most part. But with casting them all out of order and introducing them the way they have the X-Men have been received with kind of mixed feelings by fans over the years. If not for having Wolverine there it’s safe to say that the franchise might not have done so well. But six more movies, and none of them will be featuring Logan it seems, unless there’s a surprise waiting to be unveiled.

Right now the X-Men franchise and all those connected to them feel like they’re one step away from Limbo and another step away from being rendered obscure and obsolete until something can possibly rise up and save them. Let’s hope for the best though.

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