Siesta Key: What You Need to Know about MTV’s New Show

Siesta Key: What You Need to Know about MTV’s New Show

Siesta Key: What You Need to Know about MTV’s New Show

MTV has come a long way since its initial creation back in the 80s. The channel was originally designed to showcase music videos for professional musicians. Now the channel doesn’t even show videos anymore. Instead, it focuses on original shows and programming to draw in viewers. Reality shows are a staple on MTV and have been since the early 90s with The Real World. One of their latest programs is called Siesta Key which has come under heavy fire for the treatment of animals

Here is some general information about this show and what viewers can expect from this program once it airs:

Siesta Key is the name of a barrier island that is located within the Gulf of Mexico. It is situated next to Sarasota, Florida and it is a popular place for locals and tourists to visit. It also serves as the background to the Siesta Key reality show.

The show is about a group of young adults living together in a house and trying to get along with each other. Sounds familiar. These young people are between the ages 19 — 25. Most are still in college and are at Siesta Key to help figure out where their next move in life is going to take them. Keep in mind that the cast are rich and that they are living a life a privilege.

There are 8 key players on the show and they are basically staying together to have a fun time during each episode. They will have mansion parties, go out dancing, and enjoy themselves at restaurants. Ultimately, the show is about partying and having fun. Viewers will get to see life inside of Siesta Key as it unfolds.

There are plenty of shops and locals who are an important part of the Siesta Key environment. These elements will also be presented on the show as well. The show will also feature some of the latest and best music from the year 2017. Songs like Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You and Hailee Steinfeld’s Most Girls are going to be featured on the program.

As a reality show, Siesta Key will allow the actors to be themselves and to live life in their natural state. However, some of the show is scripted and this too will play a role on how the show is perceived by audiences. The show is expected to spend between $15,000 and $30,000 a day for production.

Many of the locals like the idea of a show being done in Siesta Key. However, other locals are not so happy about this fact. Still, the overall vibe is pretty good and there will be plenty of local references and some local people who might appear in the background of the show.

Siesta Key is rated PG-13 so it will not get too racy and younger audiences can watch it if their parents approve. The PG-13 rating helps to keep the show from going too far out in left field with sex, nudity and other elements that could make the show escalate into a programming nightmare for some people.

The main thing about Siesta Key is that it shows college kids having fun while trying to figure out what they are going to do once they move past this stage in life. Siesta Key premiered on July 31, 2017 at 10 p.m. on MTV

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