Shaggy did a Donald Trump version of ‘It Wasn’t Me’ with James Corden

Shaggy doing a version  It Wasn’t Me as Donald Trump with James Corden as Robert Mueller is flat out hilarious. By now the country is well and divided on the matter of Donald Trump and whether or not he’s a good fit for the presidency. It’s a little late to think about doing much about it aside from trying to impeach him, but so far that’s been ruled out as a possibility as well. Some would argue that point but at this moment his hold on the country seems to be getting stronger rather than weaker. Anything and everything he’s done to this point has been so heavily criticized and blown up to such outrageous proportions that it seems fair to say that the detractors are working against themselves as much as they are against the POTUS.

In truth he’s not the best fit for the country. He’s a president that claims to be doing everything in his power to make things better, to create a better America, and to help everyone that needs it and could benefit from his aid. Quite honestly he’s making a lot of people nervous and dividing the country just as every president has done for many years now. Not everyone will agree with his policies, not everyone has ever agreed with everything a single president in history has said, but Trump seems to be the one individual out of many that doesn’t seem to care. Unfortunately this is not all that conducive to running a tightly-knit and prosperous country since the president must remember at all times that he is in service to the country that elected him, not the other way around. The office of the POTUS is to serve the United States of America, as it’s always been. Unfortunately it seems that Trump might believe that the opposite is true as his many trips to his fancy resorts have evidenced, and as his behaviors since taking office have shown.

It’s also quite unfortunate that he does not have the kind of diplomatic skill set that many presidents before him were possessed of when it comes to speaking to foreign leaders. Many upon many presidents would have never dared to antagonize a country that has a working supply of missiles that could very easily point them at American soil and let loose. Yes America would retaliate, but so then would the country coming under fire. His remarks to those that are armed and perhaps ready for conflict have seemed less than wise in the recent past. It’s almost as though he’s playing a game of Battleship and daring those that stand against him to let the bombs fall where they may.

As to his alleged infidelities, many innocent folks would want to clear their name effective immediately and either confess or find evidence to refute the allegations. Trump seems to be letting things fall as they may while he continues to deny, deny, deny. This is our current POTUS, and while it’s easy to respect the office, respecting the person in it has become rather difficult.

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