Scorpion: Team Plays Softball. Quintis Confronts Walter and Florence.

Scorpion: Team Plays Softball. Quintis Confronts Walter and Florence.


When I saw that this week’s episode of Scorpion is sports related, I couldn’t help but worry. The team is good at solving complex problems like defusing a bomb or how to stop a tidal wave. Although the game of softball has mathematical and scientific elements, I wasn’t sure that the geniuses could handle it.

Watching Homeland beat Team Scorpion for the first couple of innings was hard. It’s like pitting nerds against the jocks playing something that the latter is proficient at. Kudos to the geniuses, however, for trying to sabotage the Homeland team’s winning streak while staying within the rules. Never knew that you could use a steamer and a pizza oven to soften and harden balls. That and using sensors to detect where and when the ball would land so that each Scorpion team member can catch it. Score one for science!

Meanwhile, Quintis is worried about Waige. Happy tells Toby that she saw Florence get into Walter’s car the night before, thinking that the two are going on a date. I understand that they want to preserve Waige and Scorpion by extension, but things would not have escalated between Happy and Florence if the mechanical prodigy had talked to the chemist instead of dropping hints throughout the game. I also worried for Sylvester as he has deep feelings for Florence. It would not be wise for him to go through the agony of heartbreak again.

Back to the game, Scorpion bounced back after using science to their advantage. Their luck soon ran out when Director Carson discovered the tampered balls. The geniuses still ended up winning the game, of course, because should they lose and Homeland shuts them down, the show would inevitably end. Unless the writers can think of a way to bring Scorpion back from the dead?

The episode ended on a happy note. Scorpion celebrated their well-deserved win (no thanks to Kyle Dirk) at Ernesto’s Taco Hut. They then each picked out a trophy from the trophy case. Walter also got over his childhood insecurity about playing a sport in front of people, especially in front of friends and family. I all but applauded when the genius used the back catcher’s allergies against him and slid onto home plate with the ball in his hand after Director Carson thought he was out. Karma at its finest!

Final Thoughts:

I was surprised that Patty’s okay with stealing Homeland’s balls and not okay with tarnishing her perfect attendance record. She knows that taking something that doesn’t belong to her is wrong, right?

When the storage locker key fell onto the floor, my eyes went wide that Walter lied to Agent Gallo about him not having the key on his person. I understand that he doesn’t want to relive a painful and embarrassing childhood memory, but that’s no reason to cover it up with a lie. I also don’t condone the way that Walter handled the equity shares thing with his team. At least he said that he’d rectify it so win-win yes?

Happy having a separate bank account was not too surprising. It’s like she said, orphans don’t grow up to be sharers of things. She told her husband that she doesn’t need it anymore toward the end of the hour. Perhaps they should think about getting a joint account?

Seeing Paige stand up for her team against the announcer was a bit uncalled for, but I suppose it provided a bit of comedic relief for the episode.

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