Resurrection 1.02 Review: “Unearth”


Last week on Resurrection we were introduced to Jacob Langston, the 8 year old boy who miraculously returned to his family after having died 32 years ago.  This week we learned a bit more about another “Returned”, as the immigration agent Bellamy calls them.

There’s something creepy about Caleb, the father of Elaine and Ray who died over 10 years ago.  Ray himself seems a little off his rocker, but he’s not so quick to just believe that their father could really be back from the dead.  On the other hand, Elaine is accepting that somehow, someway this really is their dad.  Even when Maggie points out to her friend that Caleb’s test results indicate he had a heart attack 3 days ago when he apparently just woke up back into life, Elaine doesn’t let that bother her in the least.

It was interesting to see a flashback to Caleb’s funeral, when Elaine placed a handwritten letter to her dad in his suit pocket.  It had been mentioned before that Caleb was cremated, so when Elaine thought to check the suit jacket for the letter, I was a little confused.  I don’t know how much you know about cremations, but I didn’t realize that bodies are cremated with clothes on.  With that knowledge, it sort of made sense that Caleb did indeed have Elaine’s letter but he kept it hidden in the Bible in his bedroom.  It’s definitely telling of something that the show is making pointed references to religion each episode!

Maggie wasn’t just involved with debunking the mystery of Caleb’s reappearance, as her own cousin Jacob was still a mystery.  Agent Bellamy asks for her help in asking her aunt and uncle for their permission to open the Langston family tomb to test the remains of Jacob’s DNA versus the Returned Jacob.  Naturally, the parents and even Maggie’s father Fred don’t allow the tomb to be opened in respect of Barbara Langston who is also buried in there.

It turns out Bellamy didn’t need their permission, as he gets it done anyway.  Maggie is with him as they open Jacob’s casket, but we only saw their reactions to what they did (or possibly didn’t?) see in the coffin.  It reminded me of that Lost season finale when Jack opened the coffin of Jeremy Bentham and we had to wait all summer to find out who was actually in there!  Judging by the preview of next week’s episode when Pastor Tom meets another Returned person in his church, and she’s seen standing over her body in what appears to be a morgue, I have a feeling that Maggie’s horrified reaction was just in response to seeing Jacob’s remains after all these years.

Last week we learned the (partial) truth of Jacob and Barbara’s drowning deaths in the river.  Jacob had told Maggie that a man was there when both he and his aunt were being swept away, and Maggie is only starting to deal with this revelation.  Somehow Maggie found out the man’s name and address, and goes to confront him.  Instead of asking why he didn’t try harder to save her mother, she asks him if he’s her real father.  He claims he’s not, and that’s strangely enough all that Maggie was there for.  Things got interesting when the camera followed the man inside his house, and he warned someone, “she found us.”  It’s probably not a wild guess to assume that Barbara is back as well, but that’ll sure be a surprise to Maggie and Fred when they find out.

Another question raised in this episode had to do with the weird connection that Jacob and Caleb seem to share.  If they are telling the truth about not remembering anything before their separate awakenings, then why would Caleb have to tell Jacob to lie?  Lie to whom about what?  This just seems suspicious to me, that maybe Caleb is onto something about their situation that Jacob may be too young to fully comprehend.

What do you think of the series so far?  I hope the ratings do well enough to keep it on the air for at least the rest of this season, and even longer.  It wouldn’t be fair to anyone if it was cancelled before we got any real answers.

[Photo via Guy D’Alema/ABC]

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