Sanctioning Evil Looks Like a Movie with a Serious Moral Dilemma

Sanctioning Evil Looks Like a Movie with a Serious Moral Dilemma
Sanctioning Evil Looks Like a Movie with a Serious Moral Dilemma

Credit: Sanctioning Evil

Being discharged after being deemed a war hero simply because one of his own men went rogue sounds like a raw deal for Reginald Barnes, but when one door closes, another opens, or perhaps another window opens so that one can slip in without being noticed. That sounds more fitting for a movie like Sanctioning Evil, as Barnes is recruited to join a group of killers that are tasked with taking down some of the worst offenders in the nation, namely those who harm or exploit children if the trailer is to be taken at face value. This subject is enough of a hot topic that a lot of people are bound to wonder if this movie is worth seeing or if it’s going to trigger them in some vital way. The truth is that it does look like an interesting movie since it could dig fairly deep into this subject, or it could just skim the surface and still get the attention of many people that find violence against children abhorrent. But as the trailer shows, there is a price for every choice that’s made, and unsanctioned kills tend to draw the notice of various law enforcement agencies, even when the victims are confirmed child molesters and the like. It’s a moral conundrum, to be certain, but that’s why this movie could be something interesting. 

There’s no doubt about what many people think about those who harm children. 

The act of harming children is vulgar and destructive in the eyes of many people and a lot of folks would gladly see offenders face very stiff punishment for their actions, while some would state that being humane is the answer since rehabilitation might be a better option. The fact is that this trailer shows what a lot of people would love to do to child molesters, at the risk of sounding a little too aggressive. But taking a highly-decorated soldier that has the knowledge of how to plan and execute covert operations almost feels like setting a wolf against an unsuspecting fox that’s been in the hen house. Like it or not, a lot of people would see this as more than fair since those that take after children in one way or another is doing the same thing, but their prey isn’t usually able to fight back. 

The moral implications of this movie would create a lot of debate among many people. 

Using lethal force against those who would commit the despicable acts that appear to spur the story forward is something that many people would find difficult to condone since the truth is that many believe that evil can’t be stamped out by evil. But the fact is that the trailer shows Barnes committing the acts as he and those with him go after adults that have committed horrible crimes or have, at the very least, done something highly suspect without being caught. Bringing in the FBI is a natural act brought on by killing off people without the government’s authority to do so, and one can just guess what a lot of folks would say about this. The legal ramifications of killing another human being without what the law says is just cause is something that people are bound to argue over, but it’s enough to think that the FBI in this movie is going to seek to take Barnes and his associates out since the fact is that using lethal means to seek justice is still considered illegal, no matter that it might be done behind the scenes and without anyone being the wiser. The fine line that one would have to walk to explain why this should be allowed is one that many would stumble over in their attempt to make a convincing argument. 

Sanctioning Evil Looks Like a Movie with a Serious Moral Dilemma

Credit: Sanctioning Evil


It’s almost surprising that a group like this doesn’t exist already. 

It is very likely that if life imitated art in this case that a task force would have already been built to take on and take out the would-be moral arbiters since, again, they’re not sanctioned by any agency and they’re not legally allowed to take after other American citizens in this manner. It doesn’t matter that the offenders have it coming since, sadly, everyone has rights until they’re proven guilty, which is a plus to be certain, but is also frustrating since it allows truly wicked people to do as they wish until they’re caught. 

It doesn’t feel as though this movie is going to have a happy ending. 

Something about the way the movie looks, sounds, and the subject that’s been used make it appear that there will be no truly happy ending to this tale. Whether Barnes and his companions are going to be killed, arrested, or somehow made to suffer even worse is unclear. But the point is that this movie feels like it’s headed for a very somber ending

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