10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ryan Eggold

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ryan Eggold

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ryan Eggold

Ryan Eggold really seems like a guy that enjoys being prepared and is all about the moment and stretching it out. That could be misconstrued but quite honestly the guy has an outfit for just about every occasion and keeps different sets of clothes for different roles if he happens to need them. All talk of eccentricities aside, that’s a guy that likes to be prepared and doesn’t throw much out if he figures that he’ll need it. You could chalk this up to wanting to be the best he can be at every possible moment but you could also say that he’s a planner and he likes to have his ducks in a row as much as possible most times. Any way you slice it he seems like the type of person that likes to be on top of things and know what’s going on. That’s a great trait really as an actor since he gets into his roles and he wants to know just what he has to do in order to be one of the best at what he does.

Here are a few things that you might not have known about him.

10. He’s in The Blacklist.

To some, Tom Keen’s sudden switch was a kind of revelation that people aren’t always what they seem in TV shows. To others however it seems that he was just too good and was bound to be part of something other than a simple marriage and steady home life. A lot of people would gladly admit that there was just something too good about him going into this show.

9. If he wasn’t an actor he would admittedly try to be a musician.

Everyone’s got their thing. If he couldn’t act Ryan would be picking up with his band and likely going on the road or at least playing in whatever place will have them in an attempt to do something he loves and get paid for it. Nothing wrong with that.

8. Apparently people have given him a hard time for wearing glasses and not needing them.

Whether he’s still wearing them after he’s done acting for the day and goes out to the bar or he happens to like how they look it sounds like people have managed to get on his case for wearing glasses. That seems kind of odd but then people are a bit strange sometimes.

7. He enjoys when fans recognize him and support what he’s doing.

Ryan doesn’t really get why some celebrities don’t like to be approached at all since he really enjoys people walking up to him on the street and encouraging him for his talents. Obviously no one wants to get mobbed continually but accepting appreciation now and again seems like it should be pretty easy.

6. He prefers theater to being in front of the camera.

It makes you wonder why actors stick around to make movies and TV shows if some of them prefer the theater. It could be that movie roles pay more and the theater, while enjoyable, is not quite as lucrative. That seems to make sense.

5. He was in the new 90210.

Obviously this show didn’t live up to the reputation of the original one even with a few of the original actors that came back. But even with Ryan’s help bringing past this part of the past was something that didn’t seem bound to really do much.

4. His career started up in 2006.

For some reason it seems like he’s been around longer but in the 12 years that he’s been around he has had some fairly influential parts that have labeled him as one of the actors you might want to watch just because he is engaging enough and deserve some attention.

3. He has his own band.

This is definitely one of the passions in his life and it shows since he does manage to find time to jam with them and make sure that he doesn’t neglect his music. If not for acting he might be signed to a label and possibly be entertaining us in a different way now.

2. He’s guest-starred in several shows.

Ryan has been prevalent throughout the TV world and has been seen in more than a few spots as his career has moved forward. He hasn’t been stuck to one show for his whole career which is nice.

1. He has numerous sets of clothes for various roles.

This was mentioned before but the guy never seems to throw anything out, especially if he feels that he might need the clothing for another role coming up. That’s decent planning really but it must take up a lot of closet space.

He’s a very engaging actor that loves what he does and seems to take great joy in the fact that people recognize him and will actually stop him on the street if they see him to tell him to keep up the good job, or get an autograph.

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