Real Life General Hospital Couples Who Met At Work

Real Life General Hospital Couples Who Met At Work

Real Life General Hospital Couples Who Met At Work

General Hospital fans love a good romance, and those that start at work and then continue on after that are some of our favorites. Some of the people who work on your favorite soap are together in real life. Some are still there. Some are not. Some were actors, some were crew. Some were together and then they were not. Some were together and they stayed together. They met at work and they made it all work for themselves in the world of marriage and babies and real life. Since the upcoming week is all about love and romance, we thought we might share a few of our favorite love stories that originated in Port Charles and then worked their way into the real world. These couples met at work, made it work, and they are still making it work.

Maura West and Scott DeFreitas

All right, all right. They did not meet on the set of General Hospital, okay? But we didn’t make up the fact that they did meet at work. I was just on As the World Turns. They were introduced when they were both working there in the 1990s. And that was something awesome by itself. There was something that worked for them when they met on the show, and it did just click for them. They made it work, and they made some love happen for them. We love it, and they are still making it work today. She might not have been very open to love at the time they met since she was coming off her first marriage — something that often makes people a little shy and nervous about being in love again, but she managed to get them to stick. They’re happy, they’re adorable, and we love them so much together. She’s crazy on the set, and that makes her even more amazing to us.

Michael Saucedo and Rebecca Herbst

The lovely Liz does not have much luck in love in Port Charles, but she’s good to go in reality. She met her husband when they worked together for a few years. He was there from 1999 to 2001, and they fell hard for one another while they were there. They had the best of luck in their time together back then, and it’s gone on for so much longer. They have nothing but love for one another, and they do have so much to offer. They have been married since 2001, and they have three adorable little ones together. They are the kind of couple who makes marriage look easy and happy. If you see them together on a red carpet or at a work event, they are always smiling and happy. They still look at one another the say way they did when they were first dating, which is the goal with all of this. They are good together, and we like to see that with them. They’re fun and enjoyable. And we love that they made it work this much.

Lynn Herring and Wayne Northrop

She’s the lovely Lucy, and we just love her. She’s another one who maybe kind of didn’t meet her husband at work, but we think it counts. He’s the insufferable Roman Brady on Days of Our Lives. He’s a star, and she’s a star, but it was back in 1980 when they were both stars in the making who attended the same acting class together that they met and fell for one another. They were so happy together, and they were so much in love, and that was a nice thing for them. But, it’s the fact that we just love them so much that we can forgive them for not technically meeting at work. They met in 1908s, and they were married in 1981. That means these two have been married almost 40 years now — and we aren’t even sure they look old enough to have been married that long at all. They are beautiful, aging beyond well, and clearly happy with their situation with one another. We like it, and that’s all that matters. We want to celebrate them, too. They are so good at what they do and how they are, what’s not to celebrate?

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