RHOA Season 10 Premiere: A Fresh Take on Friendship, New Twists, and Criticisms

RHOA Season 10 Premiere: A Fresh Take on Friendship, New Twists, and Criticisms

RHOA Season 10 has finally arrived, and it promises to be an intriguing season for both the show and its fans. The premiere is worth discussing as it brings back all the beloved reality stars you’ve been longing to see on the show. The wigs are more fabulous than ever before. Anyone who has tried to recap the show all along will tell you that there was a lot of anticipation and anxiety leading up to Season 10, as it’s expected to be something extraordinary. After watching the premiere, we were thrilled and expected it to be uniquely special and different from the rest. Here are some things the premiere taught us:

Friendship Hallmarks Remain Intact

The first thing to notice about the premiere is that the show has attempted to retain all the hallmarks that protect female friendship. It includes the attempt to mentally distance oneself from friends who accuse you of fabricated sexual assault and tries to paint a picture of balancing motherhood and a growing career. It also highlights some questioning of people’s marriages due to the George Glass-style behavior that includes making up boyfriends and gossiping in the kitchen.

Unexpected Twists

Phaedra is out of the picture, but it still remains hard for her to be forgotten. The show has brought back Nene, who is this time not featuring as the boss. Sheree, on the other hand, has gotten into an investment that includes a larger duffel bag in which she collects bones. Kenya also made an appearance and is married to an unknown person. Additionally, Cynthia is throwing a birthday party for herself to mark 50 years, and she has requested everyone to come dressed as a variation of herself. The show highlights an incredible power move by Cynthia, who is not often portrayed as constantly showing interest in grabbing power, and this is what makes it more captivating to watch. It has brought along many new twists that were not anticipated.

Constructive Criticism

The most obvious criticism of the premiere that aired on Sunday is that it includes no opening credits. The show just gets you straight into the restaurant without a hint that Li’l Todd would suddenly be carrying every chair he sees to appear busy as Kandi, on the other side, busies herself as she attempts to pull off bangs. After the first preview of the show, all the other members of the cast appear in pairs.

Nene proceeds to Cynthia’s new house located on the lake to just talk mad to her. A preview into the premiere, particularly with a focus on Kandi’s contribution, one can tell she will not manage to achieve work-life balance as she will be featuring in two shows, which is one of the questions being highlighted as part of the theme in this season. In other news, Kenya shares information that she just got married, but the most intriguing part is that no one knows the guy as she strives to keep this a secret. As everyone tries to get the clue, it shows upcoming episodes will be full of drama as all characters seem to have started the show on a high note, and this should make this one of the best seasons for the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

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