10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ralph Pittman

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ralph Pittman

Ralph Pittman probably never planned on becoming a reality TV star, but that’s exactly what he’s about to become thanks to his wife, Drew Sidora. Ralph has been appearing as a guest in the latest season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and viewers are already forming opinions about him. Although he initially came off as a kind and caring husband, it quickly became clear that his marriage to Drew had some serious cracks. He eventually revealed that sometimes he has to simply leave the house to collect his thoughts, but when it was later revealed that he leaves without informing his wife of his whereabouts lots of eyebrows started to raise. Only time will tell if Ralph is able to work his way back into the viewers’ (and his wife’s) good graces, but for now fans of the show are enjoying the ride. Keep reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Ralph Pittman.

1. He Is Originally From NJ

Ralph and his family may be living in Atlanta now, but he’s actually from the northeast. He was born and raised in the New Brunswick area of New Jersey and he’s very proud of his roots. It’s unclear exactly when he and Drew decided to relocate to Atlanta.

2. He Studied Music Theory

After high school, Ralph enrolled at Rutgers University where he majored in business economics. Business wasn’t the only thing on his mind though, while there he also studied music theory. In addition to having a successful career in the business world, he has also worked as a composer on several projects.

3. He Is A Business Owner

If you’ve been keeping up with this season of RHOA then you probably already know that Ralph is a business owner. What you may not know, however, is what kind of a business he owns. According to his website, he’s the founder of a company called My Mind Music which is “an American Music Enrichment and Wellness company that curates therapeutic music to promote and improve quality of life.”

4. He Loves To Travel

Difficult moments with his wife aren’t the only times Ralph likes to get out and explore. He enjoys traveling and has been fortunate to be in a position where he’s able to do it often. He has gotten to visit places all over the United States as well as some other countries.

5. He Asked Drew’s Son For Permission To Marry Her

When Ralph met Drew she already had a son from a previous relationship. Understanding that the two were a packaged deal, Ralph made it a point to make Drew’s son feel as included as possible. Before proposing to Drew, he asked her son, Josiah, if he was okay with the relationship. Ralph and Drew now have two other children together: a son and a daughter.

6. RHOA Is His Only TV Experience

These days, being on reality TV has become a legitimate job for a lot of people. Ralph doesn’t appear to be the type of person whose interested in making this a long term thing though. The Real Housewives of Atlanta is his first and only reality TV appearance and it will likely stay that way.

7. He Is A Pretty Low Key Person

Despite the fact that being on reality means that Ralph is going to be sharing some very personal moments with the world, he actually appears to be a pretty private person. He doesn’t reveal much information about his personal life on social media and he hasn’t really interacted with viewers from the show.

8. He Loves To Stay Active

Being a husband, father, and business man means that Ralph’s schedule is usually pretty packed, but he always finds the time to get a good workout in. Not only does working out keep him in good shape, but it’s also a great way for him to release stress and clear his head.

9. He Already Had A RHOA Connection

Even before joining RHOA, Ralph already had a connection to the show. He is good friends with sports caster Mike Hill who recently married RHOA star, Cynthia Bailey. Mike often makes appearances on the show and he will likely turn into a support system for Ralph.

10. He Was A College Football Player

Education wasn’t the only thing that Ralph was focused on during his time at Rutgers. He was also a member of the school’s football team. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to track down any information on which position he plays or whether or not he was a star player.

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