Predicting What Deadpool 3 Will Be Like Under The Disney Banner

Deadpool 3

Ever since Disney purchased Fox, we Marvel fans have been curious about many things. One of those many things involves the future of our favorite Merc with a mouth. Who else but the one and only Deadpool? After Ryan Reynolds finally delivered the Deadpool movie we deserved, we were itching to see more. The very much-needed R-rating helped the film deliver that Deadpool type of fun we needed to see. There was blood, there was swearing, and the first one even gave us a montage of holiday sex. Those are the kind of things that we will never, ever see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Speaking of which, now that Fox is owned by Disney, it makes us wonder how Deadpool will be handled under their banner. How can a character like that possibly work when a studio like Disney is pulling his strings? Well, it’s just been confirmed that Disney is indeed pursuing Deadpool 3. The kicker is that it’ll even have the R-rating. A bit surprising, but not totally unexpected. I’m guessing Disney recognizes that the R-rating works very well for the Deadpool movies and wishes to stick with that. If that’s the case, then kudos to them for wishing to honor that, but there is a loop hole they can find with the whole Deadpool situation.

First and foremost, the main ingredient Deadpool 3 needs is Ryan Reynolds. Lucky for us, it looks like Disney has no plans of recasting him. That’s a good start, but I have no doubt that Disney plans on bringing Deadpool into the MCU. Yes, that is very much a good thing, but before he starts scrapping with the Avengers, he needs his third solo movie. If we already had two, we need that final film to conclude the Deadpool trilogy. So if Disney is going to move forward with Deadpool 3, how will they pull it off? I reckon it’ll have a different tone from the Fox-produced movies, but it should still stay loyal to that Deadpool formula. My guess is that it’ll be his movie, but it’ll set up for his future debut in the MCU.

Every MCU fan out there has that theory on how he’ll join the MCU. The upcoming Doctor Strange sequel will introduce the Multiverse. Everyone is guessing that many past Marvel movie characters will pop out of portals and introduce themselves to the Avengers. Talk about Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man, talk about Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, the elephant in the room is Deadpool. It’s not hard to understand why, considering he’s the comic book hero who consistently breaks the forth wall. With him around, the MCU will gain the most unique character of all.

Before he jumps through that portal and meets the Avengers, however, he needs to have one last adventure in his own “universe”. Technically, the Deadpool movies take place in another X-Men movie universe that’s unrelated to the past X-Men films. Now that Disney owns Fox, they can now say that those universes are adjacent to the MCU. If the Multiverse is coming, it’s not hard to believe that the former X-Men universes will cross over. If that’s the case, I’m all in. I just want to know what Deadpool’s last adventure will be like before he actually crosses over. I have a few ideas in mind.

If Ryan Reynolds is coming back, I sure hope the rest of the cast is returning. However, before Disney bought Fox, there was an X-Force movie planned. It would’ve included Deadpool, Josh Brolin’s Cable, and Zazie Beetz’s Domino. That movie will unfortunately never happen and I have a feeling that we won’t get to see Cable or Domino anytime soon. If Deadpool 3 is going to have another R-rated solo film, he could be fighting alone. I’ll be fine with that, but I’d like to know who he’d be fighting. Deadpool has never had a rogues gallery like Spider-Man’s or Batman’s but his villains have always been unusually different. They range from the outlandishly insane to the downright weird. Wacky villains for an even wackier superhero. The third Deadpool movie should have him go up against the most dangerous villain he’s ever faced.

A very popular villain that he’s fought over the years is Bullseye. Yes, he’s more commonly known as a Daredevil villain, but he has tangled with Deadpool before. They’re both mercenaries and they both have a mutual respect each other, but every Marvel fan knows that Bullseye doesn’t play well with others. Seeing them fight over a contract would be a fun fight to see. Deadpool has a conscience and Bullseye doesn’t, setting up the beginning of their battle. Plus, if Bullseye does debut, the debut of Daredevil won’t be too far behind. Yes, it does look like Marvel is ignoring the Netflix shows, so we’ll probably be getting a new Daredevil for the MCU.

Now if Marvel is going to get weird with the next Deadpool villain, I suggest that they don’t hold back. The character I have in mind is Hit-Monkey. As far as Marvel villains go, he’s about as weird as it gets. The name says it all, quite literally. Just picture a Japanese macaque wearing a black and white suit with sunglasses and duel-wielding pistols. He was once a part of a tribe of monkeys, but they were all slaughtered by assassins. This monkey returned to his tribe, picked up the pistols that were left behind, and began his career as a hitman, hence the name, Hit-Monkey. He’s one of Deadpoool’s most prominent foes and when they go at it, it’s fun to see.

Not including Hit-Monkey in Deadpool 3 would be a missed opportunity. He’s a talking animal with guns. If Marvel can include Rocket Raccoon, they can certainly bring in Hit-Monkey. However, he’s not strong enough to be the main villain. That role can go to a villain that can help set up his inclusion to the MCU. The villain I have in mind is Mr. Sinister. Why him? Well, he’s responsible for creating his own breed of mutants, including Madelyne Pryor, the mother of Cable. With that connection, his presence could set up for a much larger scheme. Heck, he could even follow Deadpool to the MCU and finally face the X-Men. If he does that, he could team-up with his usual partner, Apocalypse. He’s a villain who needs a better portrayal than the last time we saw him and this is the second chance.

If Deadpool is joined by Cable, seeing him interact with the villain who created his mother would be interesting. Mr. Sinister can create an army of psychotic mutants for them to kill and I’m sure that will be quite the bloodbath. He’s the type of villain who just adds many opportunities for some great storylines and I’m eager to see him debut.

At the end of Deadpool 3, I’m seriously expecting to see some kind of MCU connection. Imagine if he was fully aware that he is stepping into a PG-13 world where he can no longer act the same as he did before. He can’t swear or spill blood or have sex (at least on screen) so for him, it only means he can’t have much fun. He’s the type of character who will be fully aware of that and he’ll surely acknowledge it. He just might save that one f-bomb for himself, only for another character to steal it. That won’t sit well with him. I’m excited for his debut in the MCU. If Deadpool 3 is going to set that up, then I’m more eager than ever to see it.

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