Power Book II: Ghost Season 2, Episode 2 “Selfless Acts”

Power Book II: Ghost Season 2, Episode 2 “Selfless Acts”

“One hand washes the other, ” those are the famous words of Monet Tejada in episode 1, when she revealed to Diana that their family’s exit strategy from the game was tied to Zeke getting drafted into the NBA. As you can see from the above statement, there is no such thing as selfless acts in their world. Self-preservation is the name of the game and favors are done in exchange for a favor. That’s the way that goes. Although it’s every man for themselves in the Power universe, in a messy game like the drug business, the characters are always somehow connected. So it wasn’t that surprising to learn that Monet knew Dante the mysterious, yet savage drug lord that Cane had been running around with for the past two episodes. It’s obvious the two had an intimate relationship at some point. Before we explore the connection between  Monet and Dante, let’s first breakdown this action-packed episode.

When The Police Come Knocking….

Tariq has the “world on his shoulders”. Between going to school full-time, running a big drug empire, taking care of his family and oh yeah covering up a murder and I don’t know how he finds the time to get everything done. His life becomes even more complicated when the cops come knocking at his door in the middle of the night, demanding that he comes down to the station. At first, most of thought that Tariq was getting arrested for his Professor’s murder. But when he arrives at the police station he finds out that his grandmother was booked for a DUI. She was caught driving drunk with Yaz in the car and now his little sister has to go into foster care. There’s nothing that Tariq can do about it. Big Momma reminds Tariq that she has suffered so many losses over the last few months and that she’s been depressed which led to the excessive drinking. Now that Saxe and McClean are working together, they both are Tariq’s lawyers and they show at the police station. McClean tells Saxe to do what he can to kind of make the charges go away for Big Momma. McClean is going to see what he can do to get Tariq a lawyer that specializes in the family court system to help with Yaz. Of course, this is going to cost him loads of cash.


Dreams often have powerful messages and lately, Tariq has been having a lot of them. He’s haunted by memories of his mother. Tariq keeps hearing Kanan’s voice, telling him to grow up and he realizes that the only way he can move forward is to cut all connections with his mother. That means getting rid of the burner phone and he does exactly that.

Any Suspect Will Do

Tariq mistakenly answers Detective Whitman’s call and now he has to meet with the detective. Detective Whitman is an ambitious detective and determined to solve this case because it will be a good look for his career. Therefore, he’s willing to pin Professor Reynold’s murder on anybody, including Professor Milgram, Jabari’s ex, and his former love interest.  While questioning Tariq he’s desperately searching for any information he can obtain to link Carrie Milgram to the murder.


Tariq has Brayden drop off product to Effie. Somehow, Cane manages to steal it and replace it with sugar right under his nose. Effie is pissed when she realizes that she was given fake product to move as it is bad for business and she ended up getting into a bad altercation for trying to sell it.  Tariq informs Monet that she was sold sugar instead of raw. Monet isn’t surprised and assumes that her former plug did it purposefully before she popped him because it was so much bad blood between them. This was all part of Cane’s plan to get back in with his family and supply them with a new plug. It’s a win-win situation because Dante, the man that he wants to work with is interested in expanding his operation. Cane thinks that he is slick but Diana is on to him. Monet hesitantly welcomes Cane back into the family and agrees to meet with this new plug after being advised to do so by her husband during a conjugal business.


It turns out that Saxe is sleeping with the prosecutor assigned to Jabari Reynolds’s murder. After their sexual rendezvous, the prosecutor tells Saxe that Carrie is the main suspect. She reveals that Tariq was advised of the professor and Saxe instantly knows that Tariq had something to do with the murder. For a lot of viewers, the connection between Monet and Dante was surprising. When Dante meets with Monet outside of an ice cream shop they used to frequent his eyes tell it all. He calls her, Nene, an old pet name and it’s obvious that he’s still in love with her. We don’t know where their relationship is going to go, but Monet makes it clear that she’s grown a lot as a woman since her young days.

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