Paramount+ Dumped the Workaholics Movie

Paramount+ Dumped the Workaholics Movie

credit: Workaholics

Paramount+ dumped the Workaholics movie, and it’s easy to see how people would feel a certain way. The fun and comedic show was about to inspire a movie that would have taken the series idea and expanded upon it. In some ways, it feels as though this movie would have pleased several fans. On the other hand, it might have flopped in a big way. 

The reason for this belief is simple: the lazy trio that experiences a rough transition into the workplace is an old idea. This type of idea has seen its heyday more than once. While it’s usually a fun and engaging idea, there are times when it’s not as desired. 

It’s still unfortunate, however, since Adam Devine and his costars were looking forward to filming in 5 weeks. Devine made it clear during interviews that he’s ‘butt hurt’, but there is hope. The stars are hoping to sell this movie to another streamer. 

There are ups and downs to this type of idea. An upside is that people do enjoy the comedy the actors bring. The downside is that, once again, this idea is nothing new. Every generation has its share of slackers. Making this idea special is what’s needed. 

Paramount+ Dumped the Workaholics Movie

credit: Workaholics

Paramount+ is changing its global strategy

This could easily confuse a lot of people since it’s very easy to simply get into a show and not worry about anything else. But Paramount+ is changing its global strategy, which means that it’s going to change the lineup as well. Unfortunately, this means that some movies will not make the cut. 

There are series and movies that will remain for various reasons. The fact that Workaholics has not yet started filming is likely one reason that it was dropped. Other reasons are largely unknown unless one decides to dig and discover why. 

Why Workaholics doesn’t fit is unclear, but it’s fair to think that the idea didn’t mesh with what the streamer wants to do. Things are going to change with Paramount+ in the months to come, and this movie is not part of those plans. It’s fair to think that someone else will give them a look. Perhaps Netflix will want this movie. 

Slackers are still amusing, but the story needs a hook that makes it special

Since this idea came around, people have enjoyed watching slackers on TV and in movies. In fact, many fans still enjoy this. There is something fun about a slacker story that a lot of people identify with or just enjoy. 

The fun, the freedom, the lack of responsibility, all of these are a nice fantasy for a lot of folks. On-screen, this lifestyle is easy to enjoy since it introduces a great deal of comedy and, sometimes, the self-realization that comes later. The enjoyment of this lifestyle is a personal matter quite often. But in a movie or TV show, it’s easy to have fun with the idea. 

Workaholics are also a great example of how entertainment mirrors life. Not everything is realistic, but one thing this show does well is help people relate to it. 

Paramount+ Dumped the Workaholics Movie

credit: Workaholics

The possibility of finding success with another streamer still exists

Netflix sounds like a possible landing spot, but at the moment, the search is still on. It does feel that Workaholics is still capable of happening. There are a lot of streaming sites that are ready and willing to accept something that is pure entertainment and not much else. 

Sites such as Hulu, Peacock, and a few others might suit the movie in a big way. There are definitely sites that have plenty of room and resources to bring Workaholics into the fold. But where Devine and the others want this movie to land is another consideration. 

One thing to note is how many people actually know about this movie. The truth is that Workaholics does have a following, and this trio has earned its fanbase. There are plenty of people that want this to work and would petition if asked. 

It’s fair to think that the movie will find a landing spot. When it starts filming, though, is uncertain. 

The average slacker comedy has a decent a following 

People love slacker movies and TV shows, and that’s not going to change. What makes a difference in their popularity is how they reach their fans. Some movies and shows aren’t quite as effective since they require a certain sense of humor. 

Others are a little broader and are enjoyed by pretty much everyone. Workaholics is definitely a bit more universal since it speaks to a wider audience. In this light, it’s possible to stay positive concerning the idea of the movie landing somewhere else. People still love to laugh, and this series is proven to make that happen. 

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