Top 7 Differences Between ‘One Piece’ Live Action and Anime Series

When anime goes up against live action, what do you get? The ultimate showdown! It’s safe to say that the One Piece Manga and subsequent anime series captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. Following the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew, the Straw Hat Pirates, the show has gained ground exponentially. With the recent release of the live-action version, it’s only natural to compare it to its anime counterpart.

It goes without saying, that remaining true to the anime version would have cost a small fortune. From reusing sets to pacing, pennies had to be pinched in one way or the other. But beyond this, what really set the two versions apart? Without further ado, let’s delve in.

The Live-action Version Has Shorter Fights

One Piece live action fights

Now this is a simple case of pacing. Besides the final showdown that takes place in Arlong Park, the other major fights don’t stretch out like they do in the anime. Altogether, fights that were drawn out in the anime — both in terms of dialogue and action — took but a few moments in the live action. More specifically, top contenders like Buggy, Axe-hand, and Kuro were defeated in a fraction of the time it took in the anime. It’s safe to say that this particular change wasn’t uncalled for and only true fans of the anime version feel irked by this.

Merry Gets Killed Off In The One Piece Live-action

Merry One Piece anime

Let’s start off by saying that the Syrup Village episode was quite loosely based on the Manga version. There were liberties taken in terms of the omission of a few scenes and characters as a whole. But one major deviation popped up when Merry was killed off. The fact that he was Kaya’s only family friend made his death a bit of an overkill. In the anime version, he was gravely wounded but lived to see another day. Even more, Kaya wasn’t left without a soul in the world when Usopp went off to chase his dreams.

The Inhabitants Of Coco Village Actually Hate Nami

Nami One Piece

Perhaps this was an addition for dramatic effect, but altogether it fell a bit flat. In the Manga and anime version, Nami’s backstory is more than just another sob story. It packs an emotional punch that’s particularly layered because the villagers actually knew she was trying to gather their ransom money. So, they only pretended to hate her so she wouldn’t have to spend the rest of her life in servitude for them. Omitting this fact, somehow managed to make the villagers come off as monotonous and oblivious.

The Fact That Luffy Is Related To Vice Admiral Garp Is Revealed Too Early

Luffy and Garp One Piece Live Action

In both versions, the fact that Luffy and Garp were related came off as a surprise. However, the live-action may have revealed that tidbit a little too prematurely. The anime version on the other hand dropped this bomb at the end of the Water 7 arc which made for some great TV. Sure waiting that long to reveal such a huge detail may not have been a luxury for the live-action; but there’s no doubt that it would have added some dramatic tension if the fact was revealed much later in the live-action.

Buggy’s Role In The Grand Scheme Of Things

Buggy One Piece Live Action

While Buggy was quite a menace in both versions of the show, he’s more of a fun pop-in in the anime version. However, the live-action gives him more of a dominant role — not that anyone was complaining. The fishermen end up carrying his head around and not only does he end up at the Baratie, but he’s part of the showdown at Arlong Park. It’s safe to say that some creative liberties were taken in that regard.

Don Krieg Barely Gets Any Screen Time

Don Krieg One Piece Live Action

Viewers who haven’t seen the anime version of One Piece probably barely noticed Don Krieg. For a brief moment, he’s seen losing a battle to Mihawk and that barely counts as enough screen time. However, the animation colors him as a more prominent villain. At some point, he attempts to take over the Baratie just for ‘evil’s’ sake.

Helmeppo’s Haircut Isn’t A Fashion Choice In The One Piece Live Action

Top 7 Differences Between ‘One Piece’ Live Action and Anime Series

It’s safe to say that it was a humorous turn of events when Zoro gave Helmeppo a haircut with his swords. However, that part simply didn’t happen in the anime and his goofy hairdo was actually a fashion choice. Altogether, it was interesting to see some sort of backstory as to why he’d end up with the unflattering bowl that’s become his signature look.

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