New “Sailor Moon” Cafe Gives you Magical Powers

New “Sailor Moon” Cafe Gives you Magical Powers

Sailor Moon started up in 1991 but still remains a popular part of the cultural landscape for a lot of people. In part, this is because new seasons of a new Sailor Moon anime series are being produced at the moment, meaning that the franchise as a whole has been receiving a fresh infusion of interest for some time. However, it should also be noted that Sailor Moon has had an enormous impact on not just its homeland but also in countries situated all around the world. Regardless, the popularity of Sailor Moon can be seen in the succession of Sailor Moon-branded products and services, with an excellent example being the Sailor Moon Cafe 2017 in Japan.

What Does the New Sailor Moon Cafe in Osaka Offer?

Restaurants offering menu items based on popular TV shows is far from being uncommon in Japan, but the phenomenon never fails to be interesting. After all, while slapping a name onto a menu item is as simple and straightforward as can be, seeing how the cooking method, the choice of ingredients, and other factors in the food preparation evoke particular characters can be rather interesting. In this case, the Sailor Moon Cafe 2017 is offering menu items that range from burgers inspired by Luna and Artemis to a curry that makes use of Tuxedo Mask’s rose motif to establish its connection to said character. Other menu items include but are not limited to Luna P Cotton Candy Soda, Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon-inspired fruit smoothies, and even Sailor Jupiter-themed desserts, which seems rather appropriate consider Makoto’s canonical cooking skills. Regardless of the taste of the menu items, they are certainly fun to look at, which is at least half of the point of visiting restaurants such as these.

Those who are curious should know that the Sailor Moon Cafe 2017 will be open in Osaka until the 5th of November. Furthermore, it will be open in both Tokyo and Nagoya as well, meaning that interested individuals have a number of places to choose from.

New “Sailor Moon” Cafe Gives you Magical Powers

Why Does Sailor Moon Remain So Popular?

Some people might be curious about why Sailor Moon has managed to remain so popular since it started serialization in Nakayoshi magazine. Unfortunately, this is a simple question with a complicated answer, not least because different fan-bases in different countries reacted to the manga and the anime in different ways.

New “Sailor Moon” Cafe Gives you Magical Powers

For example, Sailor Moon gets a fair amount of credit for providing the magical girls genre with a huge boost. It was far from being the first example of the genre, which is either Himitsu no Akko-chan for first magical girl manga or Sally the Witch for first magical girl anime, but Sailor Moon‘s success meant that it paved the way for the numerous magical girl series that followed it, including some that can be found in the west. Furthermore, Sailor Moon found favor with the feminists of its time in more than a few countries because of its combination of traditionally masculine roles with traditionally feminine ideals, which helped it to secure both male and female fans. With that said, whatever the exact reasons for Sailor Moon‘s enduring popularity, the fact is that it remains so, meaning that interested individuals can expect even more Sailor Moon-themed products and services to come for the foreseeable future.


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