New Details Emerge on Marvel’s She-Hulk Show

New Details Emerge on Marvel’s She-Hulk Show

New Details Emerge on Marvel’s She-Hulk Show

Don’t go getting too excited at this point when Devon Forward of Screenrant and many others tell you that there’s news regarding the anticipated She-Hulk show, they’re not about to get down to who’s been cast for each role and they’re not going to get into much more than the basis for the story. But one thing that can be revealed and thankfully so is that the show will be sticking to the source material apparently when it comes to how Jennifer Walters will turn into the super-strong version of herself. Comic fans will be able to remember quite easily that it was a blood transfusion that gave Jennifer Walters the ability to turn into She-Hulk, the Hulk’s smaller and only slightly less-powerful cousin that managed to retain her sense of self. This could also mean however that Mark Ruffalo will be appearing in the series, which a lot of fans agree could be very cool indeed. It’s also been established, whether as rumor or fact it’s not really for certain, that Thunderbolt Ross and Betty Ross will be making their way into the series as well, though as I already said casting isn’t exactly locked at this point. It could be that the cast has already been decided, but no one is willing to say anything, but given how much time we have yet to expect the release of the show it’s likely that a few things are still being kicked around.

It’s still encouraging to hear that the source material will be followed since despite what anyone thinks there’s still a ton of wiggle room when it comes to comic book movies and shows. Following the source material isn’t always as restrictive as it might sound since there are a lot of different ways to interpret each comic book character and a variety of looks that might work when fashioning the story. Plus, She-Hulk is going to be a CGI character with a real-world actor standing in for her, so it’s likely that anyone who does get cast is going to rock it so long as they have a sense of humor and can be witty on the spot. That’s why my own personal favorite, Gina Carano, might be okay for Jennifer Walters, the human, and could even rock the heavy lifting when it comes to being a CGI character, but compared to Aubrey Plaza or even Stephanie Beatriz she’s not quite as light on her toes when it comes to comedy. That appears to be what the show is looking for, even though if anyone remembers from the comics She-Hulk wasn’t exactly a comedian, though she had a sharp wit and was a very intelligent character.

In terms of power it’s definitely up for grabs in the MCU just where she might stand since there are a few characters that are well beyond her, including the Hulk, and possibly Captain Marvel depending on who you ask and how the character is written in. In terms of anyone else though She-Hulk is a straight up powerhouse and would bury just about anyone so long as they can’t match her power level or figure out a weakness. Plus, when enraged Jennifer is every bit as tough to beat as the Hulk since her skin is exceptionally tough, she’s far more agile than the Hulk, and being lighter she moves much quicker. But she is a little more complex than the Hulk since as it’s been said a couple of times throughout the history of the characters, the Hulk is the side of Banner that he tried to hide for so long, but She-Hulk is basically who Jennifer Walters became after her transformation, as the two are inseparable. Throughout her history thus far, which has been interesting to say the least given the teams she’s been a part of, Jennifer has been able to prove that she’s the kind of character that can become a welcome addition to a few groups. In fact she even joined the Fantastic Four at one point and was a part of the Avengers as well. This is great since it gives a definite lead-in to another MCU appearance at a later date since the TV shows will be able to sync up perfectly with the coming movies.

As Devon also mentioned this means that we could be seeing more popular characters emerge once again and even better, characters that we’ve been waiting on for a while. She-Hulk is just one of the many shows that should be able to introduce more and more characters into the MCU, and it’s easy to think that she’ll be one of the more interesting characters yet to come. How often we’ll see certain heroes and villains is kind of uncertain since in truth She-Hulk didn’t have a lot of her own when compared to others, but there are still plenty Avengers villains to go around.

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