10 Things You Didn’t Know about Mya Nicole Johnson

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Mya Nicole Johnson

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Mya Nicole Johnson

Does the name Mya Nicole Johnson ring any bells for you? It’s the name of the young woman who made herself famous on TikTok creating a dance that’s been called the “Up,” and she’s gone viral. Not many people know much about her, and we are doing all we can to figure out who she is and what she’s been doing up to this point in her life. She’s a sensational dancer, of course, but who else is Mya Nicole Johnson?

1. She’s a Teenager

True story, Mya Nicole Johnson fans. The young dance sensation is still a teenager, but be prepared to find yourself even more shocked. Not only is she a teenager, but she is also only 15. That’s right; she’s a viral social media sensation, and she can’t even legally drive a car by herself.

2. She is Instagram Famous

There are influencers in the world who use Instagram each and every single day of their lives carefully curating content so that they can gain more followers and have more income from their influencing, and they don’t have as many followers as this girl who is only 15. She has nearly 1 million followers at the moment, and it’s because she is a phenom.

3. She’s From Texas

We know she is from the big city of Houston, and we know she’s a proud Texan. She spends her time creating dances and sharing them on social media, and that includes the ‘Up’ dance she created using the hit song Cardi B. She and her friend, 13-year-old Chris Cotter made it up themselves.

4. She’s Involved in Some Controversy

Worry not, though; this young woman is not the one who created it. When Jimmy Fallon invited TikTok star Addison Rae onto the show to teach him a few dances, she taught him (tried to teach him) 8 dances in fewer than three minutes. One of those dances was Mya Nicole Johnson and Chris Cotter’s “Up,” as well as seven other dancers. The problem is that while he held up cue cards with the names of the dances on them, she taught them, but no one addressed the people who created the dances. She didn’t get credit for her own work, and many people came to bat for her about it.

5. She Thought Addison Rae’s Appearances was Cool

“I was shocked, and I was really happy because my challenge made it all the way to TV. That’s crazy. But then, I started to think and I was like, ‘ I wish that could have been me and Chris performing our own challenge at his show,” is what she had to say about the entire situation.

6. She’s Not Mad at Addison Rae

She has nothing negative to say about the TikTok star who did perform her dance on the hit late-night show. She has nothing but good feelings for her, and she doesn’t blame her for any of the controversy or the fact that she didn’t get to perform her own dance on the show by herself.

7. She Did Get to Appear on Television

The week following the controversial lack of proper accreditation, Jimmy Fallon made a wise decision. He invited the creators of each of the dances he performed with Addison Rae to appear on his show and talk about their dances. She and her friend Chris got to talk to Jimmy about it, and it was a very cool moment for her.

8. She’s Very Private

Of course, she is very private. She’s not even a legal adult yet, and her parents are carefully monitoring her social media and what she engages in, posts, and shares with the world. She’s not yet old enough to make those decisions on her own – and that’s mean speaking as a mother who doesn’t allow her own kids to have social media because I know they’re not yet quite to the point they understand the implications of what might happen if they share too much.

9. Her Mom Has Her Own Opinion About Addison Rae

When TMZ spoke to Mya’s mom, Candice, she didn’t quite feel that the apology that Addison Rae issued was sincere. “I felt like it was not genuine, but I definitely don’t feel that her going through this whole situation, I don’t think that she had any bad intent,” was her official statement.

10. She’s a Runner

When she’s not busy being a social media dance sensation, she’s a little busy with her high school track and field team. She’s clearly an athletic young woman who appreciates the fact that she’s able to be active and have fun, and she’s such a shining star at such a young age.

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