10 Things You Never Knew about “My Five Wives”

10 Things You Never Knew about “My Five Wives”

A lot of people have trouble coping with just one spouse, but on the TLC show My Five Wives, Brady Williams and his five sister-wives had to deal with an entire household that seemed out of control. Having converted to a polygamist sect, Brady decided that his story was worth telling and so TLC took him up on it and created a show that was bent on showing the world how polygamy worked, or rather, how it didn’t work in this particular case. The show was constantly plagued by problems that had to do with the family, the production values, and anything and everything that could come along. If a person has trouble with just one spouse, think about what it might mean if you have trouble with two or more in a relationship such as this. A lot of guys wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Here are a few things you might not have known about the show.

10. Two of the wives are first cousins.

Strangely enough this didn’t really raise anyone’s hackles anymore than the idea of polygamy did, though you can imagine the dire implications of someone sharing their husband with their cousin and what kind of troubles that might drum up later on down the road.

9. The oldest kids wanted out of the house without delay.

With over 20 siblings living in the same house it’s not much of a challenge to wonder why anyone would want to leave. The lack of space and privacy alone would be enough to send many people over the deep end, and for older kids that are hitting certain stages in their lives it would be even worse.

8. The kids had had enough.

It’s bad enough that each kid has 24 other siblings to share everything with, but adding a 25th to the mix was bound to be a backbreaker for the entire household. Unless Brady was a millionaire, which he wasn’t, there was no way that the house was going to be big enough for everyone, and adding another child was bound to tick everyone off. Plus, there’s no end in sight for Brady and wife Noni when it comes to reproducing.

7. The wives are actually pretty lonely.

Think about it, he’s not going to sleep with all of them in a single bed, as it would have to be a wall to wall mattress just to hold them all. Plus that would be even creepier than being married to five women at a time. But vying for his attention has left them all a bit lost and lonely some nights.

6. Brady is always exhausted.

It’s just not possible to feel sorry for this guy since he brought this life on himself. He’s not stopping when it comes to having kids, he obviously wasn’t thinking about how hard it could be to take on what is essentially five different sections of the same family, and therefore he set himself up to be continually tired. Sorry, the empathy train has left the station.

5. None of the wives really like each other.

Can you imagine the jealousy here? Let’s just try to forget that they’re all married to the same man and are trying to keep his attention on them at certain points. But then there are children to consider and how much time he actually spends with them is a big question mark as well as a giant sore spot for each wife. This is a cat fight that no man could survive if he dared to get into the middle of it.

4. The show is trying to normalize polygamy.

TLC is pretty slick when it comes to airing certain programs as you’ve almost never seen them on the hot seat for any of it. Polygamy is a dirty word to many people and yet the channel was attempting to make it seem like a normal thing.

3. The show had to be cancelled due to infighting and low ratings.

When TLC gives you the boot you know things have gone from bad to worse to down in the gutters where no one wants to touch you unless it becomes a matter of public interest. While they’ve been able to be seen by the public still the Williams have slipped from the overall spotlight and have finally been relegated to their own corner of the yard so to speak.

2. Brady is pretty miserable.

Can you say karma? Whatever was going through Brady’s mind before he started these five families that fit into one house it certainly wasn’t common sense. Again, it’s not really possible to feel sorry for this guy since he made his own bed, five of them in fact, and soon enough began to lament what he’d done even while he tried to make it work. Nope, still no empathy or sympathy.

1. Brady had to file for bankruptcy.

In 2014 Brady filed for bankruptcy with less than $5 in his bank account. He owed well over $400 thousand to creditors and was perhaps thinking of just how he could get out of this mess.

This is a big reason why polygamy is not a good idea.

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