10 Movie Bad Guys that Fans Loved

10 Movie Bad Guys that Fans Loved

10 Movie Bad Guys that Fans Loved

Whether you agree with a bad guy in a movie or not you can still end up liking or even loving them since they’re either just that awesome or they have a pretty good point that’s hard to argue with. Even if their lifestyle and the things they do and say aren’t all that great, there are still plenty of people that would agree that there are villains that are a lot more popular than they either should be or than some folks happen to think they might be. Sometimes a bad guy has a better showing than a hero and ends up being liked better, but however it happens, there are movie villains out there that people tend to love for their own reasons since they do happen to stick out and become popular in their own right since, for one reason or another, they’re simply too difficult to hate entirely.  Here are ten movie villains that people can’t help but love. 

10. Thanos – Avengers: Infinity War

Despite killing off half of the people in the known universe and killing Loki, Heimdall, and many others, Thanos is still a favorite among many Marvel fans since like it or not, a lot of people felt that his reasoning was more sound when it came to the Infinity Stones and their use. It’s true, genocide is not the best way to go, but this is a character that firmly believed in his convictions, and was powerful enough to beat down several Avengers in one battle. 

9. Sonny – A Bronx Tale

Sonny gets the nod since despite all the bad stuff he did in the movie he did look out for C, and he was all about his neighborhood and taking care of the people in it. Obviously, his methods weren’t always the best since he had no trouble disposing of people that simply angered him, but for all that, he was still someone that cared even if he didn’t trust anyone. That’s the kind of guy that people usually describe as ‘a criminal, but OUR criminal’.

8. Beetlejuice – Beetlejuice

As bad as this character was he was actually the most entertaining part of the movie since, without offense to Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin, their characters were understandably naive and not exactly easy for everyone to get into. But Beetlejuice was the kind of character that a lot of people could get behind since he didn’t make any apologies for who he was and what he did. 

7. Vincent – Collateral

Honest bad guys are actually kind of interesting since just because they omit certain parts of what it is they’re doing and who they are doesn’t mean they’re telling outright lies. Vincent was meant to be the type of person that could walk into an establishment and then walk out again without anyone ever being the wiser. This actually feels like one of Tom Cruise’s better movies. 

6. Roy Batty – Blade Runner

A lot of people actually feel for Roy Batty since he and the other replicants were created by an unfeeling entity that used them for specific purposes and then threw them away when they were no longer of any use. It didn’t excuse a lot of their behavior, but it made them easier to understand since all they wanted to do was survive. 

5. Lucifer – Constantine 

How Lucifer is perceived by the audience usually depends on the movie and on the actor, since Peter Stormare put a face on the famed devil of legend that was a lot of fun to see and was filled with just enough menace to be entertaining. If a Constantine sequel ever comes out it would be great to see if Peter might take up his role again. 

4. Simon Phoenix – Demolition Man

Phoenix probably shouldn’t be a part of this list since his character was a true heel, but I couldn’t resist. This guy was thawed out into a world where the cops no longer know how to deal with criminals after being effectively robbed of their ability to be tough. It’s almost a view of the future that a lot of people don’t want. 

3. Bodhi – Point Break

Bodhi is just the epitome of cool, as Patrick Swayze was for a while before his passing. This is a character that is so confident in what he is and what he does that robbing a bank is a part of a life mission for him, not just a way to rob the system. His level of zen is hard to find these days. 

2. Darth Vader – Rogue One

Darth Vader has been hailed as one of the greatest parts of Star Wars for a long time, and every time he’s shown in the movies there’s been no doubt that this is correct. The guy is a simmering cauldron of rage that’s just waiting to be uncorked on those that stand in his path, and every time this happens people can’t get enough. 

1. The Joker – The Dark Knight

There’s something about the chaotic nature of the Joker that draws people in, kind of like moths to a flame. He’s an evil character without a doubt, and he definitely deserves to be beaten up by Batman more than once. But somehow, that madness he exudes is highly infectious.  Sometimes the bad guys are just a little more interesting. 

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