The Middle Season 6 Episode 7 Review: “Thanksgiving VI”

The Middle 6.07

A floor sink and tiny table should’ve been reason enough for the Hecks to spend their Thanksgiving in a restaurant.  In the past, they usually celebrate holidays with extended family coming over but it’s obvious that we don’t need Molly Shannon or Norm MacDonald to make another unforgettable holiday episode of The Middle.

The kids’ significant others (plus Devin Levin) join the immediate family at the $7.99 buffet.  Sue is somehow only just noticing that her dad doesn’t like Darrin.  I suppose Mike never made his digs at Darrin before when Sue was in the room, but it’s cute to see Sue so stressed over trying to make the two of them bond.  It only gets worse when Darrin tells the waiters it was Mike’s birthday so that they would sing to him.  I don’t know about you, but I also hate when that happens.

Finally Mike let Darrin off the hook by confessing to him that he’s not going to like any guy that’s trying to take his daughter from him.  While that was a sweet thing to say, Sue is still pretty young.  She’s not running off and marrying Darrin anytime soon.

Brick’s girlfriend Cindy was dropped off at their house while her family went to Kentucky for the day.  She’s as weird as ever, her silence at the table only making the whole day more awkward for everyone.  Hate to say it, but she’s definitely the girl for Brick.

Axl met his match in a girl who Frankie has been trying to set him up with for years.  Devin Levin is Frankie’s hairdresser’s niece’s daughter (or something complicated like that) who was otherwise going to spend Thanksgiving alone in her dorm nearby.  Axl was immediately against the concept of bringing a girl he’d never met before to dinner.  As soon as she got in his car he blurted out that he has a girlfriend.  By the end of the night, he changed his tune.  I hope we get to see more of this Devin Levin!  Maybe Axl and Hutch can visit her college or vice versa.

The snowball fight in the parking lot was a nice end to an already enjoyable episode.  Here’s to hoping we’ll all be as “healthy and relatively happy” at our own Thanksgiving gatherings this time next week!

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