“The Meyerowitz Stories” Teaser: Adam Sandler’s New Movie

“The Meyerowitz Stories” Teaser: Adam Sandler’s New Movie

“The Meyerowitz Stories” Teaser: Adam Sandler’s New Movie

Adam Sandler has a new movie coming out under the direction of Noah Baumbach. “The Meyerowitz Stories” is neither a tragic type of film, nor is it a compilation of happy events in the “perfect family” scenario. A must see for Adam Sandler fans, this is perhaps one of the films that will fall into the category of best works of the decade. Not all Sandler films are good, and not all of them are bad, but they can be categorized. They either work or they don’t, but Sandler is still a big draw regardless. Here is what we know about the latest release that suggests it will be a success worth viewing.

Baumbach’s insights move it forward

The director has had a few significant experiences in filmmaking, that we’ll see evidenced in “The Meyerowitz Stories.” He’s dealing with a family that has their share of insecurities and that gives him the fodder for bringing out the most interesting aspects of each character. There are elements of “The Royal Tenenbaums” which Baumbach brings to the fore. He’s told this story before and in the past twelve years since he’s had a hands on role in its development, the director has come a long way, gaining insights as he progressed in this craft.

Interesting cast

Sandler plays the part of Danny, who has yet to realize his full potential in life. His father is Harold Meyerowitz, a sculptor who is played by Dustin Hoffman. The film opens with Sandler attempting to park his car. Seated beside him is Grace Van Patten who plays his film student daughter Eliza. Sandler can’t seem to escape the fact that he is cast in parts that call for him to become frustrated and yell at other drivers, but he’s really a good natured guy at heart. The problem with Danny is that he is a self-defeating person who’s attempts at becoming a musician are thwarted by he himself.

He has a greater concern for the legacy of his father than any other family member. Hoffman’s character hasn’t achieved the measure of success he had envisioned, and his wife played by Emma Thompson, enjoys hitting the sauce regularly. Ben Stiller joins the family as Matthew. He’s Harold’s boy from a previous marriage, and it’s made obvious that he is the favorite. Yet another sister is Jean, played by Elizabeth Marvel. She is the one who is inconvenienced the most by the other family members but she’s also the one who turned out to be the most well-adjusted.

Humor and reality

We’re going to see a healthy dose of how each member of an unhappy family fits into the grand scheme of the story. From Stiller and Sandler beating each other up, to each character dealing with the things that are holding them back. It seems to be a like father like son scenario for Hoffman and Sandler. Neither is really as successful as they want to be. Stiller’s character is a bit on the uptight end of the spectrum with a definite A personality type. Most of you can guess how well this is going to work for any character that Sandler plays. There is a lot of learning and growth among the humorous moments. This isn’t a happy movie, but it more closely follows along the lines of reality in the modern world. It’s a film that real people will be able to relate to while having a few laughs along the way.

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