10 Hilarious Moments from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow funny moments

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is a show that has captured the hearts of many with its unique blend of humor, action, and heart. The series, currently in its 4th season on the CW, has already been renewed for a 5th season, promising more laughs and adventures to come. In celebration of this beloved show, let’s take a look back at 10 of the most memorably funny scenes from Legends of Tomorrow.

1. The Unforgettable Beebo vs Mallus Battle — S3 Ep18

The season 3 finale brought us the epic showdown between the Legends and the ultimate villain, Mallus. In a surprising twist, the team conjured up Beebo, a lovable stuffed animal from the 70s, to help them in their fight. The result was a hilariously over-the-top battle that showcased the Legends at their best.

2. Zari’s Time Loop Antics — S3 Ep11

In this episode, Zari found herself stuck in a time loop, forced to watch her teammates die over and over again. After some encouragement from Nate, she decided to have some fun with the situation, leading to a series of hilarious events that showed a completely different side of Zari.

3. Mick’s Chicken Craving — S1 Ep16

As the team bid farewell to Kendra and Carter, Mick lightened the mood with a perfectly timed joke about craving chicken every time the winged duo left the scene. It was a classic Mick moment that added some humor to an emotional goodbye.

4. Professor Stein’s Unexpected Singing Talent — S2 Ep14

In a surprising display of creativity, Professor Stein and Mick distracted workers at a space center by breaking into song. Their rendition of “Day-O” was both unexpected and hilarious, proving that even the smartest member of the team had a hidden talent for comedy.

5. Drunk Rip and Wally’s Karaoke Adventure — S3 Ep12

Thanks to a special concoction from Cisco Ramon, Wally and Rip got to experience the joys of being drunk. Their inebriated antics, including a memorable karaoke performance of “Careless Whisper,” made for a hilarious and unforgettable scene.

6. Oliver’s Introduction to the Legends’ Craziness — S2 Ep1

When Arrow’s Oliver crossed paths with the Legends, he couldn’t help but get caught up in their unique brand of chaos. The interaction between Oliver, Nate, and a stasis-bound Mick was a perfect example of the humor that arises when these characters come together.

7. Sara Lance’s Bar Brawl — S1 Ep1

The series kicked off with a bang as Sara Lance took on a group of burly bikers in a bar fight. The scene showcased her impressive fighting skills and set the stage for the wild adventures to come.

8. Nate’s High-Seas Hijinks — S3 Ep3

When Nate found himself under the influence, his already quirky personality was amplified to hilarious new heights. From pirate talk to nonsensical ramblings, this scene was a showcase of Nate’s comedic talents.

9. Nora’s Journey to Redemption — S4 Ep14

Nora Darhk, once a formidable villain, has come a long way since her dark days. Now a member of the Time Bureau, her attempts to adapt to a normal life have provided some lighthearted and amusing moments.

10. The Charm of Damien Darhk — S3 Ep13

Despite his evil nature, Damien Darhk was one of the Legends’ most entertaining adversaries. His witty remarks and over-the-top villainy made him a memorable character, and his interactions with the team were always a delight to watch.

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