10 Memorably Funny Scenes from Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow funny moments

They’re the unlikely heroes. They’re the ones that make the mistakes that need fixing before the world could be saved. They’re probably the biggest band of misfits to ever grace the DC Universe. Regardless, they’re smart, charming, and somehow pretty effective at being superheroes. They also happen to be incredibly funny. They’re the Legends of Tomorrow, and their show on the CW is currently finishing up its 4th season. The show has already been renewed for season 5, so we can look forward to more action and more laughs in the coming future. For now, here are 10 memorably funny scenes from Legends of Tomorrow to hold you over.

1. Beebo vs Mallus — S3 Ep18

In the season 3 finale, we saw the big battle that was built up the entire season. The crew used some magic in order to conjure up a character to help them defeat the ultimate villain, Mallus. Instead of conjuring up someone almighty, the team brought to life someone from a previous encounter. It ended being Beebo, a lovable stuffed animal from the 70s. Beebo was gigantic, and Beebo defeated Mallus by cuddling him. It’s definitely over the top, but that’s when the Legends are the best.

2. The Time Loop — S3 Ep11

Zari got stuck in a time loop, and the same events kept repeating over and over again. The team kept dying, and Zari couldn’t do anything about it. Out of frustration and the inability to solve the problem, Zari even tried to kill herself. In one of the loops, Nate finally gave Zari the idea to just have fun with it, and so she did. The result was a hilarious sequence of events that showed us a completely different side of Zari. And of course, they figured it all out in the end.

3. Hungry for Chicken — S1 Ep16

We said goodbye to two favorite characters in this scene, Kendra and Carter, and it was supposed to be at least slightly emotional. The Legends spent the entire season helping them out; and when everything was said and done, Kendra and Carter just had to move on and start over. Leave it up to Mick to add a little bit of color to the moment. Right after Kendra and Carter flew off, Mick said that he got hungry for chicken every time they left the scene that way. The lovebirds did have wings after all.

4. Day-O — S2 Ep14

Leave it to the smartest man on the team to come up with the greatest distraction ever. Professor Stein was always capable of solving the team’s problems, but nobody knew just how creative he was until this episode. Stein and Mick had to distract the workers at the space center, and all of a sudden, Stein just let it out. “Day-o,” he belted. And he kept going. It was ridiculously laughable. Then Mick joined in, and then there were just no words for how comical it was.

5. Careless Whisper — S3 Ep12

Any DC speedster fans know that speedsters don’t really get drunk. That’s exactly why Cisco Ramon from The Flash made a concoction for Wally in this episode. We’re going to see more singing here, as drunk Rip and Wally both sang a tune–Careless Whisper at that. And they were at a karaoke bar in Tokyo, 1992. Apart from the singing, the duo just had a grand old time messing with other people.

6. Oliver — S2 Ep1

It’s always nice to watch DC characters cross over to other shows, and this one was special because we got to see Oliver from Arrow interact with none other than Mick. Mick is hilarious no matter what he’s doing, but this particular exchange between Oliver and Nate while Mick was still in stasis was just classic Nate. No matter how cool Oliver might be, he just couldn’t help getting dragged into the Legends’ craziness.

7. Bar Brawl — S1 Ep1

The Legends series started off just like this and set us up properly for all the crazy to come. There’s nothing like watching Sara Lance fight off big brawny biker types. And of course, we know that she could very well handle it. But still, it was amusing to watch how a little girl like her beat up men three times her size. It’s all about skill, probably. The commentary wasn’t bad either. The background music was awesome, and the best part happened when Snart and Mick stepped in–classic Legends.

8. Nate Under the Influence — S3 Ep3

All the members of this crew are wacky enough without any help. That’s just their normal. Imagine them being intoxicated or under the influence. That’s exactly what happened in this scene. Nate was high, and the team needed his help. From the pirate talk to the pure crazy talk, these were probably some of Nate’s best and funniest moments. Of course, Nate is funny regardless. This was just his normal self multiplied by ten.

9. Nip/Stuck — S4 Ep14

O, Nora. You’ve come such a long way from your Darhk days. The daughter of Damien Darhk has officially joined the Time Bureau this season. She’s got much to learn, but it’s nice seeing a nicer and lighter Nora. The interaction here and just Nora’s foray into normal life was funny in the most innocent and lighthearted way. It’s light years away from the way she was, so we’ll almost take whatever we can get at this point.

10. Damien Darhk — S3 Ep13

Darhk was easily the Legends’ best villain. He was such a well-rounded character. If he weren’t so evil, he’d probably be a great addition to our time-traveling heroes. In this scene, we witness just how funny Darhk was. Yes, he was torturing Ray at that moment, but his comments and reactions were priceless. Sometimes, his evil is so incredulous that it becomes almost funny because it’s so far-fetched. Either way, we’ve missed Darhk since he died, and we’re glad Nora is around to fulfill some kind of reparation for their family.

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