The Top Five Meg Foster Movie Roles of Her Career

The Top Five Meg Foster Movie Roles of Her Career

The Top Five Meg Foster Movie Roles of Her Career

Meg Foster has some crazy-looking eyes. In fact it’s hard to tell if they look crazy or just flat out mesmerizing since they are that hard to look away from. But as far as her acting roles go she’s been a great supporting actress and she’s been someone that’s withstood the test of time when it comes to staying in the industry. Her resume reads pretty solid from front to back and the fact that she’s still there doing movies now is pretty impressive. But yeah, those eyes are a big part of why some people can’t forget her.

There’s only a handful of people in the world that can make such a claim.

5. Jeepers Creepers 3-Gaylen Brandon

The Creeper has amassed what amounts to a hefty and terrifying legend that few if any people really know or care about, while those that do are ridiculed and laughed at despite the unexplained way that so many people have gone missing over the years. The horrifying part about it is that throughout the series thus far the time line has been messed with in such a way that now it appears that the third movie leads into the second one.

4. Leviathan-Ms. Martin

It’s kind of like The Thing but underwater instead of in a frozen wasteland. Of course that doesn’t matter since Ms. Martin, the CEO of the company that’s paying for the undersea mining operation effectively leaves the crew to die when a mutagen begins turning them into monsters. The rest of the crew must make a hasty retreat as the underwater station begins to implode, eventually making for the surface with the thing right on their tails.

3. Blind Fury-Lynn Devereaux

Her part in this movie isn’t all that long but it is important since she furthers the plot by giving Nick the direction in which to go and what to do with Billy. As roles go this one was probably one of the easiest as she probably didn’t have to stick around too long and was still just as good as she’s always been.

2. Masters of the Universe-Evil-Lyn

If you ever watched the cartoon then you know that Evil-Lyn was not a nice person. In fact it’s arguable that she might have made a better leader than Skeletor simply because it seemed like her way might have worked a lot better. But things being what they were back then her opinion unfortunately didn’t go a long way and the most capable bad guys were more like henchmen that could think. Nowadays Evil-Lyn would probably be the chief strategist for a guy like Skeletor and have fantasies of knocking him off his perch. Shoot, she might even do it in this era.

1. They Live-Holly

A lot of women played around the strong kind of men that were capable and seen as the hero types back in the day, as it was pretty customary and kind of expected. But they were still allowed to be multi-dimensional now and again and even tough. They weren’t tougher than the guys a lot of times but they were still capable enough.

If you found yourself staring at her eyes every clip I don’t blame you, they’re hypnotic.

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