How Many Oak Island Treasures Have Actually Been Recovered?

How Many Oak Island Treasures Have Actually Been Recovered?

How Many Oak Island Treasures Have Actually Been Recovered?

Somehow, The Curse of Oak Island continues on in spite of the fact that the people behind it have found nothing substantial in spite of multiple seasons spent at said location. This is unsurprising because previous expeditions have found nothing substantial, which is noteworthy because there have been a number of them supported by people with a fair amount of money at their disposal. As a result, one can’t help but wonder whether the real curse of Oak Island might be the continuing interest in the location in spite of the enormous amount of time, effort, and money that has been lavished upon it with nothing to show for it.

Has Anything Ever Been Recovered From Oak Island?

The closest thing to a substantial find on Oak Island are the manmade structures at Smith’s Cove, which are a collection of pans lined with stone, stuffed with coconut fiber, and covered with sand. People who believe in the Oak Island treasure believe that these structures are intakes for the flood tunnels that have prevented previous expeditions from retrieving the Oak Island treasure, but there is a huge problem with this claim in that said flood tunnels have never been found. Simply put, some people believe in the existence of flood tunnels because some of the earliest stories claim their existence without supporting evidence, which is by no means a good basis to believe in something. Instead, a better explanation for the tendencies of holes on Oak Island to flood is the fact that the whole thing is situated no more than a relatively short distance above sea level, meaning that there is natural seepage through the relatively porous material that make up most of the island.

As for the manmade structures, it is likelier that they were used for salt production. The gist of it is that people have been making sea salt from sea water for a long, long time, but in colder environments such as that of Nova Scotia, the process needs additional human intervention to complete in a successful manner. As a result, there were often signs of scorching from prolonged fire use in such salt production sites, which can be found on Oak Island as well. Regarding why people might have needed salt, suffice to say that the mineral was much more precious in pre-modern times than in the present, particularly for Nova Scotian fishermen who would’ve needed it to preserve their catches for long-term use. Meanwhile, there is nothing special about the coconut fibers because at one point in time, they saw widespread use as packaging material. In fact, there are actually some companies that are pushing to reintroduce coconut fiber for this same use because it is supposed to be better for the environment than foam peanuts.

Besides the manmade structures, there have been some minor items recovered. Unfortunately, these minor items don’t point to the existence of a fabulous treasure so much as serve as the evidence for the ongoing search for a fabulous treasure. Combined with the other facts that make the Oak Island treasure more than a little bit implausible, it seems safe to say that there won’t be anything substantial found at said location either in the near future or in the far future.

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