10 Things You Didn’t Know About Madison Prewett

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Madison Prewett

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Madison Prewett

Season 24 of The Bachelor has brought along an A+ list of contestants and judging from their bios it seems Peter Weber would have a difficult time choosing his bride. From a drama ridden divorcee to pageant contestants and photographers, the show’s producers seem to have been keen on their choices for the 28-year-old bachelor. There have been a couple of contestants who seem to have an added advantage due to their qualities and personalities. Some of the stars who have been seen as front runners include Hannah Sluss, Madison Prewett, and Alexa caves. Referencing to the star’s bio on the show’s network ABC, Madison Prewett was born on in Auburn Alabama. Her father is a basketball coach and as she says, he influenced her to join her high school basketball team. She attended Highlands College and later on went on to Auburn University.

Here are 10 things you might not know about Madison Prewett:

1. It is not her first time on a reality show

It might be the first time for some of the ladies on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor to be on a reality show but for Madison Prewett, this is actually her second time. The Bachelor star appeared on the reality show The Price Is Right. She actually won the prize in a hilarious manner after she correctly guessed the prices of grocery items on the board. Her grand prize on the show was a whopping $8,000. Who thought that knowing what your groceries cost could be what you need to win in a competition?

2. Her father is a basketball coach

It seems to be a proud moment for any Alabaman out there as the town’s basketball coach’s daughter is representing them on a national reality show. Her father is the coach and the director of operations for the Auburn basketball team. Her father’s career as a coach influenced the star to play basketball as well. Madison played for her high school’s basketball team. She led her teammates to 4 state championship wins and even won an MVP for one year.

3. She is religious

Madison credits the Lord for her choice to attend seminary school. In her bio, she says that she is looking for a man she can share in faith and grow spiritually with. In a since-deleted video, Prewett says the church is her escape from the weights of the world and it is where she finds peace and comfort.

4. Prewett is apparently a virgin

On the show’s trailer, it is hinted that one contestant is a virgin and another finalist says that Prewett waited for a long time to inform Weber of her virginity. The contestant who has been identified as Victoria F says that Madison’s virginity might prove to be a problem for Peter Weber. In previous seasons, there had been a virgin bachelor but never a virgin contestant and hopefully, the producers won’t make it a thing like they did with Colton Underwood. It will however be interesting to see how this pans out on the show.

5. She is a pageant girl

It is no secret that Prewett’s beauty stands out and she has previously used that beauty in a pageant. Much like the last season’s Bachelorette Hannah Brown, Madison has also tried her hand at the pageantry. The Bachelor star competed in the 2014 Miss Alabama Teen USA. She didn’t make it to the top 15 and never tried again.

6. Career

Before appearing on the show, Madison was a foster parent recruiter. According to Yahoo, her job as a foster parent recruiter involves taking applications from parents who are willing to take in children who need temporary homes. She also hopes to one day open up her own orphanage. She is also a freelance photographer and her website is filled with pictures she has taken of graduations, weddings, and baby photos.

7. She is a graduate

When she won the $8,000 on the show The Price Is Right, she told the host that she would save up the money because she was nearing her graduation. She graduated from Alabama University with a degree in mass communication and media studies.

8. She has done missionary work

From her religious nature, she has learned how to give back to society. According to Heavy, after she attended seminary school at the Highlands College to study scripture, she went on a ministry trip to Uganda in Africa. She detailed the whole experience and journey on her YouTube channel. The video has since been switched to private after she was cast for The Bachelor show.

9. She was the first one-on-one date with Peter Weber

It seems that Peter Weber noticed the 23-year-old Alabaman charismatic nature from the beginning as she was his first date on the show. The date was on Weber’s parents’ vow renewal ceremony and Prewett seemed to hit it right off with Weber’s mom. She even caught the bouquet at the end of the ceremony.

10. Prewett’s father doesn’t approve of Peter

Peter Weber’s parents might be on board with the Peter and Madison union but Madison’s father Chad Prewett doesn’t seem to be on the same page. Peter took Madison out on another date, this time in her hometown in Auburn Alabama where he got to meet Prewetts dad. According to Style Caster, the couple had dinner at her home and Chad Prewett told Weber that he doesn’t give him his blessing to form a union in marriage with his daughter. Fans have already started speculating how the meeting would, later on, create tension between the couple. Given that the Prewett family is a religious one, we see how Madison’s dad would have reservations about Weber’s ways on the show and his pursuit for his daughter.


Prewett seems to have a lot of added advantage and her sweet Alabama nature gives her an edge ahead of the other contestants. She also shares some traits with Hannah Brown including their hometown and if Weber has a type then Madison is his go-to choice. From the show’s development so far we can already guess that she might be on the top 2 on Weber’s final list of his bride-to-be.

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