Madam Secretary: President Dalton’s Re-Election Campaign brings Sea of Change

Madam Secretary: President Dalton’s Re-Election Campaign brings Sea of Change

Madam Secretary

“President Conrad Dalton will be a one-term President.” Words that one does not wish to hear in this third season premiere of Madam Secretary. Russel blames Elizabeth for President Dalton’s loss, and we flash back two months to a U.S. Naval Base in Bahrain is hit with a severe tropical cyclone. Not good.

The storm connects to Dalton’s re-election campaign because it shows the administration’s unwillingness to recognize the climate change issue officially. Why can’t people see that our planet is suffering and that we’re the ones responsible for it? Sure, we can just hightail it to Mars, but that’s going to take years before it becomes a reality. Earth has been our home for as long as we can remember, would we want it to become a real-life version of Atlantis?

Elizabeth tried to get President Dalton to do the right thing, but President Dalton wouldn’t hear of it. He wants to get a second term and what good would his chances be if he were to go down the route of “bold idealism”? Elizabeth countered by saying that she wants to do what’s right. President Dalton’s response is that he wants to win. The President ended up doing the right thing and stated his stance on climate change during the debate. You go, President Dalton, you go!

There’s also a possibility of Henry re-joining the Murphy Station team, now re-named Black Dog Station when Jose came into Henry’s classroom. Henry hesitates on accepting the offer given that he is happy to be getting back to teaching again. I think the professor might re-think his decision after getting mugged while talking to Elizabeth on the phone. I wonder what the thieves want with Jason’s corrupted laptop? How did they even know that Henry has the laptop in the first place? The pictures of the McCord children at the end of the episode worries me greatly. Is someone out to get Elizabeth?

I loved the “He started it” scene with Russell and President Dalton as the two staged a mock debate. It’s nice that the show kept it’s humorous side along with the more serious side. It was also great to see Morgan Freeman in tonight’s episode. On a side note, can he play God in Lucifer? It would be so awesomely epic! I facepalmed when Elizabeth went to the Virginia State Fair to help with President Dalton’s campaign. Fried gelatin balls? Really? That doesn’t sound appetizing to me.

It’s also a bit of a shame that Elizabeth won’t get the chance to be Vice President. She suggested that President Dalton should run as an Independent and get a popular Pennsylvania senator as his running mate. President Dalton wants Elizabeth to be Vice-President, but Elizabeth said that he would have a better chance at winning with the Pennsylvania senator. It looks like the show won’t be re-named to Madam Vice-President.

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