Discovering Luke Islam: 5 Fascinating Facts About the AGT Golden Buzzer Star


America’s Got Talent has been a launchpad for numerous talents, propelling them into the limelight. One such talent is Luke Islam, a teenage singer with a heavenly voice. He auditioned for Season 14 of the show and earned the prestigious Golden Buzzer. Although he was eliminated in the semi-finals, his journey on the show was enough to make him a household name. Here are five intriguing facts about this young star that you might not know.

1. Lin-Manuel Miranda: The Idol He Dreams of Meeting

Lin Manuel Miranada

Luke Islam admires many people, but Lin-Manuel Miranda holds a special place in his heart. The creator of Hamilton, one of Islam’s favorite musicals, is his idol, and he dreams of meeting him someday. The two share more than just a love for musicals; they both have Puerto Rican heritage and were raised in New York City. Hopefully, one day, Luke will have the opportunity to work with his idol.

2. Wingspan: Nurturing His Passion for Performing Arts

Luke Islam 1

Wingspan is a non-profit program that encourages children to participate in performing arts. Luke regularly attends this after-school program, which aims to boost young people’s confidence through performing arts while also providing a platform for making friends.

3. Social Media: A New World for Luke

Luke Islam 2

Before his appearance on AGT, Luke Islam had no social media presence. However, after the show, people became genuinely interested in his next moves, prompting him to join social media platforms. Currently, he is most active on Twitter and Instagram, where he shares updates with his followers. Although his parents manage the accounts, Luke has significant input into what is shared. At present, he has nearly 50,000 followers across both platforms.

4. Broadway Dreams: A Lifelong Passion


Luke Islam has always been passionate about acting and singing. In fact, he knew he wanted to pursue this path since he was three years old, when his mother took him to his first Broadway show. Interestingly, it wasn’t just the performance aspect that captivated him, but also the backstage operations. He knew even then that starring on Broadway was his ultimate goal. This dream remains alive, and there’s a high probability that it will come true one day.

5. Avid Fan of Voices Of Service

Luke Islam 3

According to Heavy, Luke Islam became a fan of Voices Of Service when both acts were on America’s Got Talent. The acapella singing group was one of the judge’s favorites and received a standing ovation during their auditions.

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