Lucifer S1 Finale Sneak Peek: Trxie’s been kidnapped and Lucifer’s being framed


Trixie has been kidnapped by Malcolm and Lucifer is being framed for the murder of the preacher? This is going to be one hell, excuse the pun, of a first season finale for Lucifer! What’s this? Lucifer wants to go back to Hell? Say it ain’t so!

I’m all for the Devil trying to be his own man and whatnot, but to see him give up that freedom to go back to his days of punishing tortured souls for all eternity is shocking to say the least. Lucifer has been fighting on day one that he doesn’t want to go back to Hell and now suddenly he has a change of heart? Wonder what brought this on? Does Detective Decker have a hand in this decision?

It’s also nice to see Lucifer team up with Amenadiel again to wreak vengeance on Malcolm for the setup in an attempt to clear his name. I look forward to watching the epic fight scene that will take place. Not that I condone violence in any shape or form, it’s just that I want those who have done wrong to be punished for what they have done. Perhaps the Devil has begun to rub off on me. Then again, I’ve always believed that violence is never the answer unless it’s absolutely necessary to enforce it.

The whole Trixie being kidnapped thing doesn’t sit too well with me. How did Malcolm get to her and why is he using her as leverage against Detective Decker? That woman seriously needs to get a top-notch security system for her house and fast! Maybe the detective wants to use the little girl against her mother so that Lucifer can be taken down. Hope Detective Decker can figure out how to save her little girl before it’s too late.

In the promo clip below, it was revealed by Lucifer toward the end that someone has escaped from Hell. The question is, who is it and why did he or she manage to escape from the Gates of Hell? Is it a demon or is it a tortured soul looking for revenge? Let the theorizing begin!

Photo via FOX, Video via YouTube

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