Live to Dance Semi-Final Round 1 – Recap

Live to Dance Semi-Final Round 1 – RecapOn tonight’s Live to Dance Semi-Final Round 1 show, we learned who America voted in to the 18th spot of the semi-finals, and we watched as 6 acts competed for a spot in the finals. During the show’s opening, we were also assured that Andrew Gunsberg’s green card status is A.O.K., so at least we know our host is safe to return next week. Whew! Once again, it took some time to piece together the selection process. My math isn’t the greatest, but it seems that 6 different acts compete each week in a semi-final round for a total of three weeks, or three semi-final rounds to make it to the finals. Out of the 6 competing acts tonight, 2 acts would move on to the finals; 1 voted in by the experts, and 1 voted in by America. Each act was again subject to the gold and red star votes by the experts, with the experts providing their 1 pick at the end of the show. However, even an act receiving 3 red stars can still be saved by America’s votes.

Alright, so if that isn’t too confusing, let’s move on to the results and the experts’commentary on tonight’s performances. Our contenders for the 18th spot were Inside the Box, White Tree Fine Art and Theatrics, and the act voted in to the semi-finals by America was the married ballet duo, White Tree Fine Art (my prediction!). We will watch them compete on next week’s semi-final show against 5 other acts.

Here is the breakdown of tonight’s 6 semi-finalist performers, all of whom received personal mentoring and coaching from Paula as they rehearsed over the last week:

Live to Dance Semi-Final Round 1 – RecapThe Vibe (Linden, UT) – 38 member group performed a fast tempo piece to a symphonic version of Smooth Criminal (Michael Jackson); Intricate attention to detail, ‘like a polished musical’. Paula: gold star; Travis: gold star, Kim: gold star.

Jittin’Genius (Detroit, MI) – Soloist performed his own style of dance, self-described as ‘jittin”to I Can Transform Ya (Chris Brown); Creative, innovative footwork. Paula: gold star; Travis: gold star; Kim: gold star

Chi Town Finest Breakers (Chicago, IL)- 5 youngsters, all siblings, performed an old school break dance and hip hop piece to a Jackson 5 medley and Rapper’s Delight (Sugar Hill Gang); cute as can be, but not quite up to the level of America’s best dance act; Paula: gold star; Travis: red star; Kim: red star.

Austin Acevedo (Orlando, FL) — Pre-teen boy combining ballet, contemporary dance and hip hop to No Getting Over You (David Guetta). Major talent, but needs experience. Paula: red star; Travis: red star; Kim: red star.

Bev and Hap (Los Angeles, CA) — Known as the ‘red hot ballroom dancers’ with a combined age of 151, performed a curious mix of tap and hip hop to Boom Boom Pow (Black Eyed Peas) and Low (Flo Rida). Inspirational to millions of people, but not at the level of America’s best dance act. Paula: gold star; Travis: red star; Kim: red star.

Live to Dance Semi-Final Round 1 – RecapD’Angelo and Amanda (Mirimar, FL) – Pre-teen couple who wowed us with their first audition and followed suit tonight with another polished Latin dance number; Exquisite with ‘out of this world technique’. Paula: gold star; Travis: gold star; Kim: gold star. My pick for the experts’ pick or viewers’ vote.

My money was on D’Angelo and Amanda for tonight’s experts’pick, but the honor went to The Vibe. It is up to America to decide which of the remaining 5 acts will compete alongside them in the finals, airing three weeks from tonight. Don’t miss the next 6 semi-finalists compete on Live to Dance Semi-Final Round 2, January 19 at 8 pm (EST) on CBS.

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