Is the Premiere of Little Big Shots Airing too Late on Television?

Little Big Shots

So the show Little Big Shots premieres tonight on NBC and it will be competing with ABC’s premier of “Of Kings and Prophets.”   Talk about two completely different shows.  One show is trying to be the Game of Thrones of network television featuring bloody battles, sex, and biblical times.  The other show features little kids (as in 4 and 5 year olds) showcasing their incredible skills in a variety series.

But here’s the issue.  We’re talking little tiny kids here and the show is at 10pm?  Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s a show for adults who can be “wowed” at little kids doing things they can only dream of.  However, it would be nice if said parents could watch the show with their kids don’t you think?  In any event the show seems like a live version of all those incredible Youtube videos you see of prodigies playing piano, sports, and the like.

Tonight the show features a 4-year-old basketball phenom, a 5-year-old karate maven, a singing duo, a spelling-bee champ and a dancer in the variety series hosted by Steve Harvey.  Here’s a trailer:


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