10 Things you Didn’t Know About Leslie Quezada

10 Things you Didn’t Know About Leslie Quezada

Leslie Quezada

Leslie Quezada is a makeup artist and influencer who has made a lot of money through her makeup tutorial videos. She is talented at achieving just about any look that she wants. She has drawn a huge audience of followers who are appreciative of her tips. Here are ten things about Quezada that you probably didn’t know, to help you become a little better acquainted with her.

1. She had only been doing it for 6 months

At the time that Leslie started doing makeup tutorial videos, she had only been doing makeup for about six months. It didn’t take her long to become good at it. She made a decision to go live with her passion and it turned into something that she never could have expected. Her makeup tutorial videos went viral. She became a social media sensation on Facebook Live.

2. Quezada is an international sensation

Leslie’s videos have reached people around the entire globe. She shared in an interview that she has heard from people who live from Antarctica to Africa. This is how far her influence has spread. People from all over the planet are enjoying her makeup tutorials. This is a cross-cultural thing that appeals to people everywhere. Self-enhancement is fun and it makes us feel good about ourselves.

3. Her tutorials have blown up the internet

It’s remarkable how Leslie Quezada’s reputation as a makeup artist exploded so quickly. It’s been less than four years since she first began and she has already had more than a million views on her videos. In addition, she has drawn hundreds of thousands of followers who love to watch her work and learn how to do it themselves in the process. Quezada first launched her videos in 2016.

4. She is a powerful influencer

Leslie is making a lot of money from her tutorials. She has become a very powerful influencer and this is why so many brands were interested in helping her monetize her business. She promotes products for Life Glam and they pay her handsomely for the promotion. They also fly her in for photo shoots to promote their subscriptions and cosmetic products and supplies. When viewers notice what kinds of brands she is using and better yet, promoting, it makes them want to go out and buy the very same things. This is good for the businesses that she represents and it’s good for her too.

5. She is also a star on Instagram

Leslie is famous on Facebook Live but she is also a celebrity makeup artist on Instagram. She has nearly a half-million followers on her Instagram account who love what she does with eyeliner and how she varies different shades of makeup. She posts a combination of content that is related to makeup along with a lot of modeling photos as well. If you want to see some really great pics of her, we recommend following her on Instagram and Facebook.

6. Leslie Quezada also has a YouTube channel

She has covered every possible base by expanding her makeup tutorials to most forms of social media. If you thought that he was doing well with nearly half a million followers on Instagram, her YouTube channel tops them all. As of the last check, she had more than 650,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. This is phenomenal. What people really love the most about these tutorials is that she takes them through the process step by step, explaining what she is doing and why, and viewers can watch how she’s doing it while listening to her instructions.

7. She is 25 years old and definitely not single

Quezada’s real name is Leslie Quezada. She is a native of El Paso, Texas, and was born and raised there. She has a boyfriend and you can see pictures of the couple together on her Instagram account. The couple looks like they are very happy together and it’s great to see somebody who gives so much of herself to the rest of the world in a happy place in her life.

8. Consistency has been her secret to success

Leslie Quezada has found the secret to growing her numbers on social media, but it really isn’t a secret at all. She shared in an interview that the key to her success as simply been not taking a break and maintaining consistency in her videos and her postings. She has made this her full-time job and she takes it very seriously. Leslie has a very strong work ethic and it has made her very wealthy and very famous. What’s so cool about her exponential growth is that she didn’t have to go to a marketing guru for advice, she was just being herself and doing the things that she was passionate about. She followed her heart and the rest just followed.

9. She has a five-year plan in place

There are some very exciting things coming up for Leslie Quezada. She has a five-year plan that she is putting into action for her life. It includes starting a family. We’re not sure if she was joking when she said she’d probably have five kids by then, but if she’s not then more power to her. We wish her and Alex the greatest success in starting their family.

10. Leslie has a few secrets

There are also a few exciting new things that Leslie’s followers are going to be very happy about. She explained that there are “a few new projects coming up,” but she was also clear about the fact that she is not yet at liberty to discuss them. She must be excited about them because she has been dropping a few hints here and there and at least one of them has to do with makeup, which is something that is always a thrill for her followers. Until she reveals what the projects are, we’ll all just have to wait and keep our eyes and ears open.

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