Is Katee Sackhoff Overrated, Underrated, or Neither?

Is Katee Sackhoff Overrated, Underrated, or Neither?

Various actors are believed to be overrated for a number of reasons and among those are because they don’t often do anything worthy of note. Katee Sackhoff is an actress that as actually been active since the late 1990’s and while she’s been around a while she’s not really that prominently featured in a lot of shows and films that people would remember.

She’s been in the new BattleStar Galactica that didn’t really go much of anywhere. She’s had a voice-over part in Halo 3, and she’s been in the movie Riddick as a mercenary. So saying she’s done nothing isn’t really fair, but saying that she doesn’t deserve her fan base is that accurate either. It’s true, she hasn’t done a lot worthy of note since she’s yet to be in anything as a lead or a crucial star aside from TV shows, but as of right now fame is a very fluid thing. How famous a person is and how big of a fan base they can accumulate is not always the same. Fans tend to make unknowns famous simply because they see something in those people that others might not.

Many stars throughout the year have found people more than willing to back them for roles that others might see as little more than a glorified extra. Look at Barb from Stranger Things, she was about as glorified as an extra can be on TV and yet she has her own following as of now. She even has her own Funko Pop! figure for crying out loud. So really and truly, Katee Sackhoff has kind of earned her fan base at this time.

Stars come and go so often in Hollywood that it’s hard to keep track of who’s in and who’s out each passing month. Sometimes a person will show that they have great potential and will go to new heights based on one role, while other times they might get the role of a lifetime and fizzle out. Katee doesn’t seem like either type really. She seems more inclined to push ahead and get what she can while enjoying herself in the process. One thing that people need to remember about actors is that no matter how ridiculously high they get paid they’re still working. Their job might be a little more fun than most and pay a lot better, but it’s still a job.

No one is just giving them anything because of who they are in the beginning. They have to work for what they get and hope that they can out-perform hundreds of others to get the roles they want. If they do well enough they might have directors asking them if they want this role or that one. But the main point is that they don’t get to lie around and have fun all day, they have to work for what they want to.

The main point of all this is that Katee Sackhoff isn’t overrated or underrated. She’s right where she needs to be and has deserved the fan base she has.

Photo by John Salangsang/BFA/REX/Shutterstock


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