10 Things You Didn’t Know about Justin Dior Combs

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Justin Dior Combs

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Justin Dior Combs

You might not know him by name, but you know his dad by name. In fact, you know his father by many names. Puff Daddy. Puffy. P. Diddy. Diddy. Sean “Diddy” Combs. Sean Combs. Justin Dior Combs is the son of hip-hop music sensation Sean Combs (we aren’t sure what name he’s currently using…it’s tough to keep up!). He’s a football star, he’s a son, a brother, and a friend, and the world wants to know more about the son of Diddy.

1. He’s in His 20s

Justin Dior Combs was born on December 30, 1993. His mom is Misa Hylton. She is a fashion designer and a stylist who was in a relationship with the rap star for a while in the early 90s, and that’s when she welcomed her first son, Justin Dior Combs.

2. He Has Many Siblings

Justin Dior Combs is not an only child by about a mile. His mother has two kids born after she welcomed him. She married a music executive by the name of JoJo Brim (they later divorced) and had a daughter, Madison Brim, and a son, Niko Brim. His father gave him several more siblings, including an adopted older brother, Quincy, who was born to his father’s longtime on-again, off-again partner, Kimberly Porter. Justin is his father’s oldest biological child, and he also has a brother named Christian, and two younger sisters who are twins. He also welcomed a daughter by the name of Chance about five months before his twins were born, and that was nothing short of a complete scandal.

3. He’s From New York

He was born and raised in the same hometown in which both of his parents were raised. His mother and father both grew up in Mount Vernon, New York, and that’s where he was raised. Growing up, he attended the Iona Prep High School, and he was a very talented football player.

4. He’s College Educated

When he was finished with his high school football career, he went straight to UCLA to play football for their program. He was accepted into the program on a football scholarship, though the defensive back didn’t see a lot of playing time.

5. His Father Was Arrested on Campus

Back in 2015, Sean Combs was arrested on campus visiting his son after he was involved in an alleged assault against Sal Alosi, who worked as the strength and conditioning coach on the team. It was reported that the rapper used a kettle bell, and his son then posted a supportive photo of himself with his father wearing school pants with the caption, “I thank God for having a father that’s always there for me…Love you pops!” the day after the assault and arrest took place.

6. He Shared a Girlfriend With his Father

While nothing was ever confirmed, there were plenty of rumors that Justin Dior Combs and his girlfriend, Lori Harvey, broke up and she began dating his father. She’s the daughter of Steve Harvey’s third wife, and she’s very, very young. She’s only 24, and she was captured more than once in press photos on vacation with her ex-boyfriend’s father, and it didn’t go well. She has a history of dating famous men. She went public with Michael B. Jordan in 2021, but she dated Diddy, Diddy’s son, Future, Trey Songz, and more prior to her new relationship.

7. He Graduated College

Despite the fact that his father allegedly attacked one of his coaches and he backed his father, he still stuck around on the football team and even graduated college. It was a good thing for him, we imagine. He went to college to get a degree, and he did. He graduated in 2016 with a degree in Sociology.

8. He Was Heavily Criticized for His Scholarship

The rumored amount of the scholarship that he accepted for college was around $54,000. People were not happy about it when he accepted it. They said that because his father is a multi-millionaire, he should not have been offered a scholarship and his father should have paid for his own tuition and let someone else have the money to go to school. His argument is that he earned his scholarship based on merit and not his family’s financial situation, and he’s not wrong.

9. He Was Ticketed in Miami in 2021

When he and his friends were on the Biscayne Bay on their jet skis in early 2021, they did not wear their life vests. Miami’s Beach PD Marine Patrol pulled them over. They later confirmed that they ticketed the young star for not wearing a vest, and then they towed him and his friends back to shore.

10. He’s Doing Well

At the moment, he’s working as an Instagram influencer among other things. His personal net worth is around $3 million, which is not a small sum. You can’t argue he’s not doing well in his life.

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