“Justified” Producers Creating New Series Based On Elmore Leonard Detroit Novels

“Justified” Producers Creating New Series Based On Elmore Leonard Detroit Novels

Executive producers of the popular series Justified are coming back with some more Elmore Leonard. Justified is also based on a book by Leonard called Fire in the Hole. Carl Beverly and Sarah Timberman are looking at three novels as possible options for a new TV series that will be based in Detroit. The three novels that have been optioned, Mr. Paradise, Pagan Babies, and Unknown Man #89, are being considered alongside other Leonard Detroit novels as well. Leonard wrote a total of 12 novels in the crime genre set in Detroit. He’s often called the Dickens of Detroit for this very matter.

The adaptation is looking to base one novel per one season, and with using only Leonard’s novels as options, it’ll be common to see character appearances across the different novels. Alongside Timberman and Beverly, Leonard’s author son Peter will also get executive producer credits as well as Kerry Schmidt. Timberman and Beverly have worked together on a few successful projects apart from Justified including Elementary and Masters of Sex. Currently, all four producers are working to market the adaptations to directors in order to get started with the market by the end of this year.

Detroit has seen a lot of change in the last few years, from a massive exodus of businesses and hardworking people out of the state to the slow rebirth of a once-proud city. The new series will offer another look into the heart of the beautiful city. Fans of Justified or Elmore Leanoard may just have something to get excited about with the new adaptations, especially if everything goes as planned. As long as all works out, we’re looking at 12 seasons of Leonard’s stories. Right now, we’re still unsure as to how the stories will be adapted exactly. Things can very well change in the future, and new narratives are likely to appear at some point while using Leonard’s characters. For now, it’s looking like the execs want to follow an anthology format. Beverly and Timberman are looking to keep Leonard’s voice intact, as they’ve done with Justified because there’s just really no other way about it.

Beverly and Timberman have worked with CBS before but are still waiting for a network to pick up the project. Justified fit well with FX’s programming, but a Detroit-based crime series might need a bigger network. Until a network picks up the adaptations, fans might want to keep the excitement dialed down to avoid getting disappointed. The producers still have quite a ways to go and tons of work to do before they can even begin production, so sit tight. After all, this isn’t the first time Leonard’s novels have been optioned.

Elmore Leonard had written 45 books on various crime stories and westerns. Some of his most popular novels that have been adapted into the big screen include Jackie Brown and Out of Sight. Leonard died at the age of 87 in 2013. His legacy continues on in his writings and his voice has forever changed the world of adaptations.

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