John Travolta and Fred Durst Working Together on “Moose”

John Travolta and Fred Durst Working Together on “Moose”

Rock star Fred Durst is wrapping a film with veteran actor John Travolta. The Limp Bizcut front man, Durst, is currently directing the film “Moose” about a crazed fan. This isn’t Durst’s directorial debut. He’s directed films in the past. Durst also co-wrote the film which is loosely based on a stalking incident that the rock star went through. “Moose” is an action thriller set to be released later this year.

Here is what we know about “Moose”.


“Moose” is a fast paced action thriller about a fan of an action movie star. The fan, nicknamed “Moose”, becomes more and more obsessed with his idol (played by Devon Sawa) and becomes obsessive. He begins to stalk the movie star to the point where it becomes dangerous, destroying his idol’s life. Fred Durst wrote the screenplay with Dave Bekerman. Beckerman is a writer and actor. Durst also directs the film and which is semi-autobiographical and loosely based on Beckerman’s experience with an obsessive fan. Durst also directs the film “Moose” in a partnership with Ambi Media Group. Given the personal relationship Durst has with the film’s subject, it must be an interesting dynamic to see John Travolta play the part of an over zealous and dangerous fan.


Currently “Moose” is shooting in the Birmingham, Alabama area. Shooting is set to wrap by March 13. The film is being produced by Andrea Iervolino and Monika Bacardi with Ambi Media Group. The film is co-produced by Oscar Generale and David Grodnik with Wonderfilm Media. The two production companies are funding this movie. This is the second collaboration “Moose’s” star, John Travolta, has with Ambia Media Group. “Trading Point” is currently in post production and will be released this year. Musician Shania Twain co-stars with Travolta in the film about a father and son participating in stock car racing. Travolta has also worked with Devon Sawa before. The two actors were in the 2015 film “Life On the Line”, a movie about electric grid workers. Sawa has appeared in several movies starting as a teen in the 1990’s including “Casper” in 1995. In 1999, Sawa starred in “Idol Hands” with Jessica Alba. He was in the cast of the 2000 horror movie “Final Destination. From 2010 to 2013, Sawa played the character of Owen Elliot in the television series “Nikita”.

Fred Durst

William Frederick Durst was born in North Carolina in 1970 and grew up in Jacksonville, Florida. Durst is one of the founding members of the rap rock band Limp Bizkit. The band began recording in 1993 and soon shot to international fame. Some may be surprised that Durst co-wrote and is direction a feature film like “Moose”, but this isn’t Durst’s first foray into film. The rock star co-starred in the 2006 independent film “Population 436”. The following year Durst made his directorial debut with the coming of age drama “The Education of Charlie Banks” starring Jesse Eisenberg. He followed with “The Longshots with Ice Cube and Keke Palmer. Durst starred in and produced the religious mockumentary “The Truth” with Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland in 2014. Next up for Fred Durst: touring with Korn and working with Limp Bizkit on their latest album “Stampede of the Disco Elephant” and probably making more movies.

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