10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jessica Shannon

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jessica Shannon

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jessica Shannon

When Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson was introduced to the reality TV world as a cast member on Toddlers and Tiaras, it didn’t take long for her to become a star. In what seemed like the blink of an eye, the little girl was everywhere and people just couldn’t get enough. Along the way, her family members also became reality TV stars and her older sister, Jessica Shannon, has been along for the entire ride. Although she’s best-known for being Honey Boo Boo’s sister, she has been developing an identity of her own ahd she’s also built a pretty nice size fan base of her own. Continue reading 10 things you didn’t know about Jessica Shannon.

1. Family Is Important To Her

If you’ve been keeping up with Honey Boo Boo and her family over the years, you know that things between them aren’t smooth and they’ve more than their fair share of drama. Still, Jessica maintains a very close relationship with her family members and that connection is very important to her .

2. She Doesn’t Have Any TV Experience Outside Of Her Family’s Shows

The Thompson/Shannon family has starred in three reality shows over the years, but outside of that Jessica doesn’t have any TV experience. By the looks of things, she doesn’t seem to have a desire into breaking into the entertainment world outside of what she’s done with her family.

3. She Sells Videos On Cameo

Honey Boo Boo may be the reason so many people know about the Thomas/Philips crew but the rest of the family has certainly done their part in helping  maintain their popularity. In the process, Jessica has become a star in her own right and she is currently selling personalized video shoutouts on Cameo. She only charges $15 per video.

4. She Is A Brand Ambassador

Being on a popular reality TV show almost always results in a large social media following. At the moment, Jessica has over 284,000 followers on Instagram which has made her a great partner for businesses looking to advertise their products or services. At the moment, Jessica is an ambassador for Boom Bod.

5. She And Honey Boo Boo Don’t Have The Same Father

Jessica and her sister, Honey Boo Boo, don’t consider themselves half siblings, but technically that’s what they are. Jessica’s father is a man named Michael Anthony Ford and Honey Boo Boo’s father is Mike ‘Sugar Bear’ Thompson. We weren’t able to locate any information on Jessica’s father. In addition to Honey Boo Boo, she also has two other sisters.

6. She Is Undergone Cosmetic Surgery

There was once a time when people were ashamed to admit they’d had some ‘work done’. These days, however, most people have absolutely no shame in their game and it’s even common for people to provide information on their surgeon. When Jessica debuted her ‘new’ body in 2020, she wasn’t shy about sharing that she’d undergone surgery.

7. She Has An Agent

Being a reality TV star has become a legitimate career path over the last decade or so. Once people get their foot in the door with a popular reality TV show, they do anything they can to capitalize on the opportunity. Jessica is making sure she’s doing her part to secure the bag and not let her time in the spotlight go to waste. Jessica is currently signed to BMB Talent Agency. She also has a manager.

8. She Is Fairly Private

Jessica has been in the reality TV world for nearly a decade and lots of her family’s business has been made public in the process. Despite those facts, she has never been one to put all of her business out in the world. Even though she has a large social media following, she doesn’t spend a lot of time posting.

9. She Didn’t Initially Move With Her Family Because She Was Still In High School

When Mama June and the rest of the family relocated to Hampton, GA, rumors began to circulate that Jessica didn’t go with the family because she didn’t feel comfortable with Sugar Bear. It was later revealed, however, that she chose to stay behind because she was almost done with high school and she wanted to finish up with her class.

10. She Hopes To Inspire Others

Jessica is trying to make the most of the success she’s gotten since starting her journey on TV. Jessica hopes to use her time in the spotlight to help empower others and let them know they can achieve their goals. So far, there are plenty of people who appear to be genuinely inspired by her.

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