10 Intriguing Facts About Jasmine Davis from ‘The Chi’

10 Intriguing Facts About Jasmine Davis from ‘The Chi’

10 Intriguing Facts About Jasmine Davis from ‘The Chi’ During its second season, The Chi was quickly on its way to becoming one of the best shows on Showtime. However, after the firing of one of the main actors, Jason Mitchell, viewers weren’t sure what to expect. But the show’s creator, Lena Waithe, promised that season 3 would be full of surprises—and she didn’t lie. In the very first episode of the season, we were introduced to a new character, Imani, portrayed by Jasmine Davis. By the second episode, we learn that Jasmine’s character is trans, and it’s clear there are a lot more details about her life that will be unpacked over time. Now, people are just as excited to learn more about Jasmine as they are about Imani. Read on for 10 things you didn’t know about Jasmine Davis from The Chi.

1. A Rising Star in the Acting World

Jasmine may not be a familiar face to you, and that’s because she has had relatively few acting roles. She made her professional debut in 2015 and, so far, The Chi has been her most prominent role. Before The Chi, she only had a few acting credits. Based on her captivating portrayal of Imani, I am confident we will be seeing much more of Jasmine in the future.

2. Embracing Her Trans Identity

Once it became clear that Imani was a transgender woman, a lot of viewers began to question whether the same was true for Jasmine. The answer is yes; Jasmine is a proud member of the trans community, although, like Imani, she is often able to pass as a cisgender woman when out in public. In fact, Jasmine only recently came out as trans about a year ago. She initially hesitated to even read for the role because she didn’t want to be typecast as a trans woman who could only play trans characters.

3. A True Chicago Native

In many ways, playing Imani is akin to coming home for Jasmine, who was born and raised in Chicago. Although the city is notorious for its violence, there is much more to it than that, and it’s something Jasmine is proud of. While she will always have a fondness for The Windy City, she now resides in Los Angeles.

4. A Background in Cosmetology

Acting wasn’t always at the top of Jasmine’s career list. Prior to getting into acting, she was working as a hairdresser in Chicago – something Imani is also interested in pursuing on The Chi. Jasmine studied cosmetology at the Pivot Point Cosmetology School in Illinois.

5. Growing Up in a Conservative Catholic Family

Jasmine was raised in a conservative Catholic family where being a trans person was not accepted. As a result, Jasmine’s gender identity created a rift between her and her family, which in turn kept her in the closet for so long. Thankfully, though, her relationship with her family has improved.

6. Striking a Pose as a Model

Acting isn’t the only thing that has put Jasmine in the spotlight. She has also been working as a model for several years and has had the privilege of working with various brands. She has even been featured on the cover of the renowned Maxim Magazine.

7. A Passion for Fitness

Jasmine is passionate about staying healthy and fit. She loves to work out as often as she can, and she often shares her exercise routines with her followers on social media. Not only does regular exercise keep Jasmine’s body looking great, but it’s also a great way for her to stay positive.

8. Dreaming of Becoming a Bond Girl

Jasmine is reveling in all the success and attention she’s been receiving thus far, but she’s already setting her sights on what she envisions for her future. Of course, every actor has a dream role that they would love to have the opportunity to play. For Jasmine, that role is a Bond girl.

9. Adept at Handling Firearms

Jasmine’s character on The Chi is someone you don’t want to mess with, and neither does Jasmine. She told TV Guide, “I shoot guns. My last boyfriend, it was a sport for him, and he would teach me how to use firearms. I know how to shoot a .38 and a 9mm. But my favorite is a Glock. They jam less, and they’re easy to grip; I’m a Glock girl.”

10. A Solid Foundation in Acting

Despite having limited professional acting experience, Jasmine possesses all the necessary tools for success. She trained at Second City in Chicago, renowned for its comprehensive array of acting and writing classes for both children and adults.

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