Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 21 Review: “Chapter Twenty-One”

Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 21 Review: “Chapter Twenty-One”

Jane  the Virgin

This week on Jane the Virgin, a nesting Jane has to contend with protecting her child and finding her place. This is just one chapter of Jane’s never-ending quest to figure out what you do when every plan you have goes out the window.

Jane’s five-year high school reunion has arrived, and she’s not exactly eager to go given how the last few weeks of her life have panned out. Luckily, Xiomara and Lina are there to prop her up when she’s down, and remind her that she should hold her head up high, despite her unemployment and heartbreak. That’s not so easy since at the same time Jane has decided to file for sole custody of the baby, and she still hasn’t told Rafael. When she finally does, Rafael feels very hurt.

Petra sees Rafael’s troubles with Jane as an opening for her to move in. When Rafael tells her that Jane is filing for sole custody of the baby, Petra tries to show herself as the bigger person by begging Jane to reconsider. This plea makes Jane feel a little easier about Petra being around her child, but not enough to make her drop her suit. At least that’s what Jane makes Petra think, while instead she and Rafael cook up a devious plan to get Petra to put Magda in prison for what she did to Alba. Jane does agree to drop her plan to file for custody of the baby, but she still thinks that Rafael wants to remain friends.

Michael also sees an opening with Jane, but he is not quite as pushy or as over-confident as Petra. Instead, he subtly asks Jane to see him get a commendation for his work on the Sin Rostro case. Not only does this open up a can of worms from their past relationship, but it also reminds Michael that he let a traitor, his former partner, get away. Michael’s conscience is getting to him, and the only person he can talk to about it is having a worse time than he is.

At her high school reunion, Jane’s interactions with her classmates go from bad to worse. By the time she even gets to see her high school nemesis Stephanie, the night really has been a bust. The more Jane listens to what an evil person Stephanie is though, the better she feels; crazy logic, right? Allow me to clarify. When you see just how ugly someone truly is on the inside, you realize they are not worth your hatred, and you just end up feeling sorry for them and you also value your self-worth that much more. This is also something that Michael helps her realize, and he also helps her come to the conclusion that she needs a new plan, something for herself, which is why Jane decides to apply to a graduate writing program and renew her friendship with her ex-fiancé.

Finally, Rogelio and Xiomara are in a big boat of awkwardness as well, having officially ended their relationship but trying to remain friends for the sake of their daughter. An amicable friendship is also important if they want to make a Las Vegas show together work. It’s Rogelio who can’t get a grip on himself and has a prima donna meltdown during a hydrolic lift at rehearsals. At first, Xiomara thinks he has a problem with her, but really his issue has to do with his fear of heights. Xiomara confronts Rogelio, and it is a big deal that he even admitted his phobia to Xo. An even bigger deal? Xiomara telling the show director that it is she who is afraid of heights in order to cover for Rogelio. Those two are definitely not done with each other yet.

Jane’s baby arrives next week! Will it be pink or blue booties? #TeamMichael or #TeamRafael?

[Photo credit: Aaron Epstein/The CW]

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