10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jackie Seiden

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jackie Seiden

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jackie Seiden

Jackie Seiden doesn’t always get the credit she deserves, but that has never stopped her from doing her best. The talented actress has been in the industry for nearly 15 years and in that time she has built an impressive resume. She has been a part of several popular TV shows and the list just keeps growing. Most recently, she was cast in the new ABC sitcom Call Your Mother. Although the show is lighthearted, it’s given Jackie a chance to share her serious talent with a large audience. Prior to this show, she was best-known for her role in shows like Pushing Twilight and Perfect Harmony. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Jackie Seiden.

1. She Is An Illinois Native

Jackie was born and raised in Highland Park, IL where she initially developed her interest in performing. Although she is very proud of her midwestern roots and will always have love for Illinois, she knew she had to move in order to give her career the best chance. She currently lives in the Los Angeles area.

2. She Graduated Cum Laude

Jackie has always taken her craft very seriously and she has worked hard to sharpen her skills to the best of her ability. She attended Northwestern University where earned a bachelor’s degree and a certificate in music theater. She graduated early with Cum Laude honors.

3. She Is Also A Musician

Acting is what Jackie has become best-known for, in reality she’s an all around performer. She is a talented musician who enjoys singing and playing the guitar. Over the years, she has been fortunate to get chances to coming her love for singing and her love for acting. She has also done several live performances as a singer.

4. She Enjoys Giving Back To Others

Most people would agree that compassion and empathy are two things the world could use a lot more of, and Jackie thinks so, too. She has made it a point to use her platform to raise awareness to the causes that are important to her and she has also used her voice to help give back to the community.

5. She Has Been On Broadway

Jackie’s on screen work isn’t the only thing she’s done. She has also had a very successful theater career and the stage will always have a special place in her heart. She made her Broadway debut in Hairspray and she was a part of the original cast of Good Vibration. Jackie has also been part of several other off-Broadway productions.

6. She Loves To Stay Active

When you have a busy schedule it’s not always easy to stay on top of your fitness routine, but even with all the things that Jackie has going on she does her best to incorporate exercise into her day to day routine. She loves doing things like yoga and running/walking around her neighborhood.

7. She Is A Writer And Producer

Sometimes when people find something they’re good at, they’re encouraged to just focus on that one thing. Jackie, however, has never been shy about exploring her author talents. She has taken her skills behind the scenes on several occasions and worked as a writer and producer on three episodes of Two Popular Girls’ Guide.

8. She Was In An Episode Of Modern Family 

Every actor dreams of getting the chance to be part of a successful series, and Jackie has gotten to live that dream on more than one occasion. One of her most notable guest appearances was in an episode of Modern Family in 2017. While the role was just a one time thing, it was still a great opportunity for Jackie.

9. She Is All About Family

Jackie has spent a lot of time focusing on her career, but her priorities shifted a little bit once she became a mother. She and her husband, Jason Winer, have two adorable children and she loves spending as much time with them as she can. Jason also works in the entertainment industry and is a very successful writer, actor, director, and producer. Most notably, he was the c-executive producer on more than 20 episodes of Modern Family.

10. She Likes To Travel

Jackie loves to make the most out of every moment she gets, and one of her favorite ways to do that is traveling. She has been fortunate to get to visit lots of different places both in and outside of the United States. Now that she has two small children, however, she doesn’t get to travel as much as she used to.

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