J.J. Abrams’ Acting Performance in “Six Degrees of Separation” is Incredible

J.J. Abrams’ Acting Performance in “Six Degrees of Separation” is Incredible

Despite the fact that he plays a bratty and entitled son J.J. Abrams’ acting in Six Degrees of Separation is nothing less than incredible. He has a fairly minor role in the movie but it’s one that’s still delivered in a very expert way that makes you believe he’s just one of the worst people imaginable since he is a pampered kid that takes advantage of his parents without feeling any kind of guilt about it. In fact it’s safe to say that in any movie this kind of character, unless they somehow turn their life around, is the person that you either don’t care about or would love to see get their just desserts at one point or another.

The fact of the matter however is that Will Smith’s character is the one that should probably be seeing the karma train roll around sometime soon largely because of the things he does, but all in all he is still just a tad better than Abrams’ character since while he’s taking advantage of people, he’s doing it in a way that’s not openly harmful. Yes that sounds horrible and a con artist is in many ways so much worse than an entitled rich kid, but it all comes down to how people present themselves. A person that shows a capacity to flatter and connive their way into someone’s good graces will usually be taken far better than someone that believes the world is theirs for the taking simply because of the family they belong to. Why is that? It’s fairly simple, the con artist still has to work for it.

That’s a big factor when it comes to criminal actions and how they’re seen as more noble at times than the simple act of taking without having earned anything. There’s not a lot of feasible ways to justify being a criminal, but at the very least they take a large measure of risk in what they do and can be said to work for their ill-gotten gains at times. While it does come at the expense of those that have earned their money, belongings, and reputation in an honest and forthright manner, the criminal is an element of society that is unfortunately necessary since without such an element the stability of any group will eventually begin to stagnate and possibly falter. This would be highly disputed no doubt since many law-abiding and honest people might feel that the rich kid is at least following the rules despite being given no real responsibility to call their own. But think of it this way, the criminal must actually plan, expend some sort of effort, and then make another effort not to get caught. It is horrible and their actions carry a heavy price for those they steal from, but they are at least putting in some kind of effort to better their lives, despite the fact that it comes at the expense of others.

The rich entitled kids that have everything and still don’t think it’s enough don’t tend to match up too well.

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